My first Chanel bag and a new pair of sunnies

  1. Ok everybody, I got this bag at the Saks BH store yesterday! (then I had to get new sunnies today!)
    What do you guys think? Should I keep her? I like to carry my bags all the time and don't baby them- will that ruin this bag? I am worried about it getting too scratched and dirty...
    purse.jpg sunnies 1.jpg sunnies 2.jpg
  2. Love the sunnies! Is the bag leather or nylon? If it's nylon I would return it.
  3. It's leather. I don't know which "kind" of leather- I have read about some of the Chanel leathers scratching very easily. I also don't know the name, the tag just says 'large tote 30cm'.
  4. And be honest everyone! Should I return this and get something more classic? Aggh! Help! I am freaking out!
  5. its cute! I think its funky!
    how much was it marked down to?
  6. $1100 including tax (from $1695!)
  7. I posted my opinion at the other thread lol ^^
  8. I think its cute!
  9. Congrats on your new Chanel bag. It's a cute bag, but if your having any doubts at all return for something more classic.

    P.S. The sunnies are great
  10. I like this bag! It's on the funky side which you usually don't see with Chanel! The sunglasses are very pretty too!
  11. LOVE them both!!! CONGRATS!
  12. If you have doubts about the bag, then exchange it for a classic. I like the sunnies.
  13. I have those same chanel sunnies! I love them!! :heart: The handbag is very cute-I've never seen that one before.:smile:
  14. I love it! I am kind of like you and don't like to "baby" them. I've been looking for my first Chanel that I don't have to worry about and this is a good choice. Funky Chic!

    Think about how the bag fits your lifestyle and go from there.