my first chanel (and THEN SOME!)

  1. YAY! I got my cambon tote! finally!
    i think this was one of the last ones in the US. i am so grateful i got it, and i took all of your advice and hunted down a black one with white CC. i really really love it!
    and then my mom saw this GORGEOUS bag that she needed to get! She never gets anything designer, so she is kinda in shock that she dropped almost 2k on a bag. she said that it was half mine, and i can use it whenever! but i dont know what its called.
    I love the SAs there! They were so helpful and they gave my mom and I refreshments and free samples and stuff, and they’ve never even met us before. (they actually treated us this kindly at louis vuitton too!)
    im soooooooo happy! i just love my bag!

    my moms bag!

    if the pics are bad, ite because of the cellphone!
  2. Great looking bags! congrats!
  3. Beautiful bags. Congrats.
  4. So cute! ;)

    Have fun
  5. Congrats on your bag, and on having a really nice sales experience - it makes such a difference when you are treated nicely it really makes the whole thing a true pleasure, which it should be! Enjoy your Cambon! :yahoo: (love your Mom's new bag, too - take her up on the offer to share)
  6. Congrats!!!
  7. oh sweetheart i am so happy for you and your mom! yay!:yahoo: i know how much you really wanted your cambon tote...congrats! enjoy the rest of your vacation and thanks for sharing!:heart:
  8. Beautiful bags!!!
  9. definitely! i love that bag as well! never thought there would be more than one chanel bag in my family, now i have unlimited access to TWO! hooray!
  10. awwww thanks!
  11. Congrats on your beauties!!
  12. congrats! those bags are so pretty!!
  13. Love the Cambon.

  14. Oooh....cambon!
  15. Can I share you mom's too? LOL! Congrats! :yahoo: