My First Chanel and now I want another one!!! HELP!!

  1. Hello all, I bought my first Chanel bag today and this is also my first post. Today will be a day of Chanel firsts...

    I went to the Chanel store in Short Hills and tried on a couple bags. I went there knowing that I was going to buy either a classic flap bag or the east/west bag. However, I ended up purchasing this bag:

    I do love this bag very much. You can wear it 3 ways; across your body, long on your shoulders and double the chain to shorten it. I decided to go with this bag because I needed a purse for weddings and nights out. I felt that all the classic bags were too big for me. I am a petite girl and weigh less than 90 pounds so I didn't want a big bag. Also, I am not a big fan of the caviar print so the SA told me that a bigger lambskin bag might get ruined at a club. The bag I purchased actually fits all the necessities of a night out.

    However, after reading many threads and seeing all the pictures posted of the east/west bag. I am having second thoughts. Should I return the bag I bought today and purchase the black lambskin east/west? I know the east/west bag is now $2000, the bag I purchase today is $1150, so there is a huge price difference. Also, would the east/west bag look too long on my body frame? In a perfect world, I would buy both of them but unfortunately, I need to save money on a huge vacation at the end of this year. Please help me with my predicament!
  2. nice:smile: congrats! but if you're having second thoughts, get the bag you really want :smile:
  3. I think that the bag you bought is gorgeous!!! Great price too.
  4. Keep the bag you bought, it is a great buy.
  5. Very nice bag! Congrats!
  6. I think what you got is fabulous!
  7. is it me or?? seems like I can't see the pic
  8. Keep the bag. Its pretty
  9. Keep the one you bought. It suits your size well.
  10. congrats! welcome and this is just the beginning, lol. i think your bag is very nice.
  11. If you prefer the other bag, then u shld exchange and end up with one you really love.

    Having said that, wld you love this bag that you have the most since it is so pretty, more unique and of the right size?
  12. Beautiful bag, surely a keeper:tup:
  13. I absolutely :heart: the black camelia that comes with the bag.
    It really makes your bag stand out! :girlsigh:

    However, if you find yourself longing for the east/west bag... then maybe you should exchange instead of just settling becos of the price.
  14. I think the bag you got is adorable! But you should do what YOU will be happiest with @ the end of the day. -If you love the east/west then go for it, because even though it costs substantially more, you should be satisfied w/ your purchase (especially since it's your first Chanel).
  15. I love the bag you purchased. Have never seen it but it's adorable ... and LAMBSKIN - which is my personal favorite. If I have a vote, I'd go with "KEEP IT"

    Good luck with your choice ... either way you'll end up with a great purse!