My first Chanel...and I'm hooked!

  1. I went to the Chanel store in Amsterdam yesterday totally set on buying a jumbo classic flap bag with silver hardware.

    When i tried it on,I knew it was just wrong.

    The gold looked better on me,and I may get that in a year or so's time...they'll fortunately always make them....but I found the gold just a bit too bright,yellow,shiny and blingey for me.

    The reissue,on the other hand,had caught me eye immediately. They still had a grey in size 266 and two blacks.

    I tried the black one and was hooked immediately. I wear a whole lot of black,olive green,grey...and then strangely enough,dusty pinks and blues. But i preferred the black to the grey,for me.It'll go with most of my wardrobe and the quaint,worn,vintagey look ,the pallor of the gold and the relatively low bling factor (not to mention the absence of logos) did it for me!!

    So here are some bad pics,unfortunately. light gone,used flash.bag actually contained purse,lipstick,brush,artificial sweeteners,inhaler and tiny compact when pic taken!

    I love this bag and it has not left my side since I got it!!!
    chanel1.jpg chanel2.jpg chanel3.jpg chanel4.jpg
  2. Congrats! She is lovely! And what a way to get hooked on Chanel!
  3. beautiful bag and great purchased !!!!!
  4. Absolutely stunning ... I love looking at reissues, they're so classic!
  5. Thank peeps...sorry for the pics they are really at some very odd angles:lol: . Fortunately you've all seen one before :P .
  6. LOVE THIS BAG ALSO.....I have it in Black & Grey I LOVE both LOL Enjoy your new baby
  7. It's quite literally the PERFECT bag! Exactly as you say, Quirky. I've got it in grey and I love it - I'm a jeans, t-shirt kinda gal with days of dressing up and quite a nice collection of antique jewelry that I wear a piece of every day of my life and this bag goes with EVERYTHING! Congrats!
  8. Yay!! LOVE the bag! Congrats!!
  9. What a great first bag, could not have made a better choice -its beautiful
  10. I love it.. and yes, Chanel has that addictive effect!
  11. wooow
    i really love this bag..
    please buy more :smile:
  12. congrats! what a great bag!
  13. love this bag!
    i have it in grey and it was my first chanel as well!
  14. gorgeous bag, congrats!!
  15. congrats!! love it!