My first Chanel... an HG Reveal!!!

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  1. I've been lurking here in the Chanel forum for WAY too long and the day has finally arrived... Not only is this my first Chanel, but it's my holy grail!

    Reveal anyone?!
  2. I'm here :biggrin:
  3. heree!!! :smile:
  4. me too :smile:
  5. here:smile:
  6. So I admit, I ripped open the box so quickly I forgot to take pics, so we'll be doing this a little backwards... We begin with an empty box - Haha! But what could have been in it?!
  7. I'll give you a few hints... It came with this - numbers smudged on purpose :smile:

  8. #8 Sep 28, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2010
    And the straps look like this...

  9. Ooo a vintage? :popcorn:
  10. It has hardware that looks like this... (gave it away?)

  11. Yes, yes! Series 2... oooo!
  12. haha oooooo
  13. It's my new-to-me Vintage Jumbo Flap! :yahoo:

  14. AHHH Congrats and enjoy your new baby!! Its always THEE BEST when its your HG! :yahoo::woohoo:
  15. congrats!!! welcome to Chanel:smile: