My first Chanel, an adorable Pochette

  1. I just received this adorable Chanel pochette. My first Chanel. I believe it is called the cotton club. For a pochette I think its a great size, 8 inches wide x 5 inches high by 1 inch deep and can carry a cell phone, or glasses easily along with liptick, credit card case or small case type wallet, a comb, mostly anything you would carry for a night out that isn't too wide. I think the color is great and could go casual or dressy nights or those shopping days where you want to look chic but not carry around a bulky bag. The leather threaded chain definitely gives it a hip feel. The bag was $795 at Neiman's and was featured in one of their recent catalogs. Oh and I had to show you the lovely NM gift wrap, it was $7.50, which included the Neiman's box, this beautiful cream ribbon and a small Jay Strongwater clip on frame, definitely worth the price if anyone is familiar with Jay Strongwater. I had to post pictures to see what you girls think? (PS That is hubby's arm--NOT MINE!)
    nm gift box.jpg chanel bronze pochette.jpg chanel bronze pochette1.jpg
  2. aww that's adorable! the neiman's gift wrap looks awesome too.
  3. I think I need the Cotton Club Pochette now! It looks beautiful.
  4. Its a gorgeous color and perfect size. I love the Neimans box too, makes it feel more like a present. Congrats, its beautiful!
  5. It's soo pretty, I love it, congrats!! :smile: Bronze is my favorite color in the Cotton Club line (I have the Bronze tote)!
  6. LOVE it!!!
  7. Very nice! Congrats & enjoy. =)
  8. I really like that style! Seems to be the perfect errand running bag!
  9. Love your bag. Congratulations. Wear it in good health.
  10. Beautiful!!! I love the wrapping and its a great color!
  11. So pretty- love pochettes and now I must consider buying a chanel one
  12. Aww..she is so cute!! Congrats!!!
  13. Thanks everyone, I really like it too. Neiman's is doing free shipping and gift wrap now so if you find yourself a "little present" make sure to have them wrap it. Hopefully they'll still include the little trinket with the free wrap.
  14. It's so cute!!! Love the color!!! I'm glad you clarified that the arm belongs to your hubby!! Congrats!!!
  15. congrats very pretty