My First Chanel ... Advice PLEASE!!!

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I recently decided to take the plunge and purchase a chanel bag! I ordered a Jumbo classic flap with sh in the beige color. However, this is my first chanel, and now I am questioning my decision. Should I have purchased a black one? or is there another purse that is a complete must have?? I am sure I will eventually purchase another one, but with all of the talk about the price increase, I am wondering if I made the right decision. What do you guys think? good purchase or should I exchange it for another bag? Thanks :smile:
  2. I just got the first 2 Chanel bags in my life...both BLACK, one is SHW and the other is GHW and the bags are in different sizes as well. Black is always the classic piece but if you love beige and if you will buy another bag, why not go with your heart?
  3. Black is definitely a must but if you ask most chanel lovers so is beige! lol It depends on how you want to use the bag. Black is obviously easier to match with outfits. Which one do you like more?
  4. people usually get black for their first Chanel, because black is just so versatile, hands down, no argument. I got beige for my first one though, and I just LOVE it :love:
  5. Beige for your first is great. You can always get the black later. Lighter & brighter colored flaps will make you smile :smile:
  6. my first BEIGE, my second ecru (still light shade) ha!!!! but my 3rd shall be black. nothing is wrong for getting beige as first. ask yourself why you ordered a beige? and if you change it to black for now, you will get the beige one day.
  7. My first Chanel is a light grey PTT. Second is a silver m/l flap. Third one then is a black jumbo classic flap, but it actually gets less usage. You don't have to follow everyone and buy a black one. You should let your wardrobe decide -- which one you will get more usage of.

    Anyway, since you are going to get a second one, might as well get it soon. Prices are going to increase again soon.
  8. Thank you ladies!I chose this color because the second I saw the bag on the chanel website, I was in love!! Next time though, I think I will go with black. The bag should be here next week ... Can't wait to show you all :smile:
  9. If you luv it, go for it. U can always get the black one later on ;)
  10. If it was love at first sight get the beige, as you said you will get the black later ;)
  11. Yup, I agree with many.. beige and black are the must have. Either one for yor first, perhaps?
  12. My first one was salmon. Go with whatever you like the most regardless if it's your first, second, or ninth!
  13. Black is a go go but don't feel like you have made the wrong decision cause beige is a beautiful versatile colour that goes with everyday clothing. I would love to get myself a beige colour when I save enough for another bag.