my first chanel - a purple reissue flap !

  1. after months of shopping for my ideal and perfect first chanel bag, i finally found one - it is a purple reissue flap ! a good friend told me it is a very rare color and it would be timeless and classic. right now im going through a major heartbreak and just what i need, the effective retail therapy ! no second thoughts, snagged this bag and by next week, it will be shipped to me (manila, phils) fresh from new york ! im now a proud owner of a chanel and i hope my collection does not stop here ! it is painful for the checkbook but then hey, every girl just needs a chanel right ? im earning my own money and been through enough hardships - i deserve to be good to myself ! would like to share 2 pics of my soon it bag, because i know the fine ladies here will definitely appreciate it ! thanks ! :yahoo::wlae::okay::nogood::tup::yes::roflmfao::nogood:
    Chanel Classic in Purple 001.jpg my first chanel flap !.jpg
  2. congrats on your first CHANEL. it's beautiful, but that's not a reissue. it's a classic flap.
  3. Congrats!

    This looks like an older red classic flap to me?
  4. congrats, it doesnt look purple to me though...
  5. congrats!! ;)
  6. Yeah, it looks burgundy colored. Anyway, Yes! You do deserve it! Congrats and I hope it gets to you soon.
  7. Congrats and enjoy
  8. Congrats, enjoy your new classic flap, everyone should have one.
  9. Congrats. Love your classic flap.
  10. Congrats!

    Is your flap purple or burgandy? It looks dark rust-reddish in the pics.

    Whatever color it is, it rocks my socks nonetheless. Beautiful bag!!! :biggrin:
  11. it's beautiful, I'm very happy for you!
  12. Gorgeous! What a unique color! Is it caviar?
  13. Although it doesn't look purple to me, but if the picture shows the accurate colour, it's really a GORGEOUS color!! Congrats too!!
  14. Your purse is so gorgeous! Congrats!
  15. congrats on your first chanel! I'm sure it won't be your last!