My First Celine!

Joyce Lim

Apr 4, 2012
Hi guys, yesterday I posted that I will wait for my refund from paypal then
buy Celine bag. I went to Barneys, Neiman Marcus and Saks fifth Ave in
3 weeks in a row to check out any new stocks from them but today I went
Barneys 1st and I saw mini luggage in navy blue, bright orange, vermillion red
colors, I try it on but not looks good on me and some tri color also not caught
in my eyes, so I saw camel color but it on reserve. So I went to Saks, there have
almost same colors from Barneys so I went to last stop at Neiman Marcus and
suddenly I saw a women was aiming this bag in this color and yellow small
Phantom luggage but she wanted yellow color in mini luggage which the store
don't have it. So lucky me waited until she left and I took the bag and try it on,
My hubby and I love it so much. There were 2 bags left, one on display and one
on the back. The salesman told me that this color is Lune(in French).
Actually this color looks like greyish white.
Sorry for my long message. Here is my reveal! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: