My first Celine - the Tie - but I'm disappointed

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  1. Hi all, I purchased the Tie today in navy/black after finding it at TJ Maxx for a discounted price. I hesitated a bit since it was still a little over $3K after taxes and was missing the Celine tags. It had some scratches too but no serious damage. The dustbag was included. Anyway, I was too entranced by the cobalt suede interior and ultimately bought it.

    It wasn't until I was on my way home that I realized the pouch was missing too. I immediately called the store but they said if it's not in the bag they probably didn't receive it to begin with. They were not willing to give me an additional discount based on this or any of the inquires I mentioned above.

    It's an awesome bag but I need your opinions! Is it worth $3K+ without the pouch, tags and with some scratches?
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391386958.183402.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391386968.534091.jpg
  2. That's a great price and bag!
  3. Firstly, I love the colour combination!!! I would be bothered too by the missing pouch but would that explain all the abandoned Tie pouches on sale on eBay?

    Think about it but I think the price is good enough to warrant you to keep it as selling something "incomplete" might only lower the value of the bag... Congratulations, nonetheless.
  4. i ll b bothered by the missing pouch, but not the scratches. nice bag though.

  5. Thanks for your input! I would either keep it or return, definitely not sell. I can't believe there's a bunch of tie pouches on ebay! That's so annoying!

  6. Thanks. Yeah I was ok with the tags missing but the missing pouch is definitely something I need to think about. Not that the pouch is worth $1K or anything but it just feels incomplete without it.

    Thanks! So the missing pouch wouldn't be a deal breaker for you?
  7. personally I wouldn't care about the pouch very much because I wouldn't use it that much to begin with. the pouch really adds to the weight of the bag so it would sit at home anyhow, so I'd rather have the discount.

  8. +1

    It's such a gorgeous bag! The scratches aren't bad and the price sounds great.
  9. I would return it. I have seen many Brand new Tie bags (inlc pouch) with NO scratches selling for little over $3000.
    If your bag was maybe $2000-$2400, i MIGHT keep it but for $3000, without the pouch, tags and scratches, it not worth it for me.
    If you decide to sell it later, you will lose a lot because it is an incomplete bag with scratches.

    I think there is a similar colour on ebay now for $3200.

    Good luck

  10. +1
    for TJ Maxx thats pricey and sadly they probably did receive the pouch and a SA may have taken it. I know a few people who work at discount stores and they tell me about how they get 1st dibs on things and put on lower quality items or they take components of an item that a customer may not even know is missing and keep in the back room to take home.NOT saying this is what happened but I find it odd that its priced high without all of the components, sounds like the bag was sent to the store with all of the components or it would have been marked down more
  11. I think it is expensive for TJMaxx too (especially missing stuff)
  12. If you would have gotten this bag (assuming w/ pouch) at retail price, then I would say keep it, and think of the lower price as a discount for the missing pouch and light scratches. If you think you decided to get this piece mostly because of the discount, I might return it cuz I think the imperfections might continue to bother you in that case.
  13. I didn't even know TJ Maxx carries Celine! :confused1::confused1:

    Anyhow... I would return it. I hate knowing I bought something incomplete and all scratched up. If I'm going to live with the scratches, I want to scratch the bag myself lol.
  14. I actually think the bag is gorgeous even without the pouch. But about the decision, I think you should do what you feel like. It it bothers you too much, bring it back. If you say you love the bag as it is and you are just annoyed that the pouch is missing regardless of the bag itself, keep it, especially when you are not sure you can find another one of the same coloring.
  15. This is priced similarly to what you paid - maybe you should get it and return the other to TJ!