My first Celine --- still conflicted about the color

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  1. Hi everyone! I received my first Celine today -- the Nano in coquelicot. I love the Nano, but I'm so conflicted about the color. All of my leather bags are black or gray, so I know that I need a bit of color in my collection. However, I'm so worried that I'll stain it or it will discolor somehow. I really not sure what to do. I haven't spent so much in a bag in a while, so I think it's playing into my hesitation. My instinct is to play it safe. What do you guys think? Here are a few blurry pics -- sorry for all the laundry in the background!

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  2. I have a nano in Yellow, and sadly it does have color transfer on the back if you use it with a strap as the bag is constantly rubbed against with pants. It's really unavoidable, I brought it to Celine and try to have it fix but then the transfer appears again. I also have Mini in Fluo Pink which does the same thing at the back

    Good thing it's only at the back, not the front! So don't worry too much about it! btw is the inside the suede velvet lining or leather?
  3. Wow, that's a great colour! Not sure what your concern is since red is hardly considered a light colour. I was under the impression that you had ordered a bag in beige/white i.e. a colour that is really very prone to the slightest discolouration.
  4. I love this red nano on you, looks great! I wouldn't worry too much about the colour transfer, colour transfer won't be as prominent on red as other lighter colours!
  5. i own the same bag in the same colour and use it with jeans with ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM ! leather is drummed , so more resistant to scratches, dirt , etc...

    it looks great on you !!! use it and enjoy :smile:
  6. I have a mini luggage in this colour and I love it... Like you I had many black, grey and brown classic bags so this added a nice pop of colour to my dreary collection. I get so many compliments on this colour when I take her out...

  7. Thank you all for the kind compliments and advice! :flowers: I'm sorry about the sideways pictures (used my iPad to post for the first time)! I'm going to sleep on it for a few days and try pairing it more with my wardrobe. I think it's always hard to step out of your norm and comfort zone.

    Also, I just realized that I have the same exact Kate Spade coat as Blair from Atlantic-Pacific! She pairs it with the same Nano -- I know it sounds silly and neurotic since I'm a nobody, but I don't want to seem like I'm copying her:
  8. Gorgeous & perfect colour
  9. gorgeous bag!

    like you i'm all for neutral bags. i just got a red bag recently (kelly flat) and love it! i'm so happy it goes with so many things in my closet (mostly blues and grays & whites & dark jeans).

    i hope you'll keep it!
  10. I think it's the suede velvet lining -- it feels almost cloth-like.
  11. How much use do you get with a bag this size? I find that I need much bigger bags these days. And no I don't have children.
  12. Hi there! I ended up returning the Nano. I really couldn't justify keeping it when I was so conflicted about it.
  13. I think it's nice for a smaller bag to have a pop of color. you wear it well too. So don't worry and just enjoy your new bag :yes:
  14. I don't think anyone would think you were copying her! How many people, except for those/us obsessed by fashion, would even see her blog and think of your outfit? It would just make me more psyched to carry my bag with that coat, it looks so great! I almost got that coat, but sat on it too long and it sold out. So sad now. You should be happy, it's a great bag in a great color. I do know how you feel though. I go thru periods where I think all my "good" bags should be in a classic color and other times feel I should take more chances! I think you made a great choice!
  15. gorgeous red!!!