My first celine is driving me nuts!

  1. It is :smile:

    Mine too! But hibiscus would also be nice :graucho:

    Thank you!
    Go get matching nailpolish :biggrin:
  2. Thank you!!!

    It sure is :p

  3. Such a pretty colour, congrats!
  4. A little late but some mod shots ;)
    Celine1.JPG Celine2.JPG
  5. oh i LOVEEE mod shots! the bag looks great on you and i love that walking closet ;)
  6. I want that bag... AND THAT WARDROBE!!!
  7. Haha :biggrin: Thank you!
    Maybe I should take some pics of my wardrobe too :p
  8. i love that almond box on you!!! cute title for this thread too :biggrin:
  9. Thank you :p
  10. Looks great on you! I'm very tempted by the box these days
  11. It's beautiful! Like a piece of mint leaf, ahhh so refreshing!!!!
  12. Thank you!
    The box is a great bag, so beautiful and really practical too :tup:

    Thank you!
    The color truly is amazing!
  13. Um, here is one request for pics of your closet/wardrobe...I see how there is a lot of organization going on and would like to know more:smile:

    And in case I haven't said so, great bag!
  14. So cute!!!
  15. I love the color!