My first Carré!

  1. Hello Hermés ladies!

    I just purchased my first Hermés scarf, from, and received it yesterday. It's this one. :yahoo: The colors in this scarf are just amazing. I spent over an hour just staring at it!

    I've been practicing different ways to wear it, here are some of the early winners!
    (Sorry the photos are a little blurry; my camera's auto-focus does not seem to be working.)
    (I love the way it looks with the trench!)
  2. Congrats! All great looks! I love the look with the trench too! You are so chic!
  3. It's beautiful and looks great on you! Congratulations!
  4. Wow, it really does make that trench! It looks great on you. :yes:
  5. That's a great look with the trench, so chic. What a lovely first scarf, congrats.
  6. Gorgeous scarf! It looks fantastic with your coloring! Congratulations!!!!
  7. Very nice. It looks great on you. It looks very nice with your trench coat too.

  8. What a cool scarf! it looks awesome with the trench! and you are so pretty and chic!
  9. Looks great! What a beautiful scarf!
  10. what a lovely scarf. love the colors. great trench. beautiful hair, and very stylish glasses!! you look faaaaaaaaaaabulous.
  11. i love the design and color of the scarf!! you tie them very well, especially the last one with the clean and chic!
  12. Thank you all so much! You are all too kind!

    Kallie Girl, thanks for the links; I'll check those out now.
  13. Pseub, it's a beautiful scarf and you've tied it in such lovely ways. Congratulations on your first!! [​IMG]
  14. Pseub, you look beautiful! That scarf is fabulous especially with the trench! Congratulations!!!!