My first BV

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    Probably not my last...
  2. Lovely! Enjoy it!
  3. Pretty! Congratulations, and welcome to the World of Bottega Veneta. You are right - this will not be your last...
  4. gorgeous!
  5. Congratulations! Beautiful!
  6. Congratulations! Beautiful, classic, and practical, and with the typical understated elegance that is BV. Excellent choice!

    "Probably not my last...."
    - oh good for you, at least you know right?! :cool:

    Enjoy! It's really beautiful!
  7. Thank you all so much! I've been lurking on this forum for a while, enjoying all the beautiful pictures and thoughtful discussions, and finally took a plunge when I saw a good deal on this bag.

    After carrying my new BV for a few days, I really feel like I've been spoiled forever. The leather feels so soft, the suede lining so luxurious... I love that the hardware is not some bright gold. And that there is no logo on the outside! Just quiet elegance of wonderful leather and beautiful craftsmanship. Now I really get what all the fuss is about! :p

    I do wish that the bag had more that one pocket on the inside though. How do you ladies adjust? Organizer pouches? Or just throw everything into the same compartment and don't worry about it?

    Anyway, I certainly know that this is not my last BV. I am already dreaming of another. Not sure what it will be yet, I have to take my time and save up, anyway. :giggles:
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    Aha, here, so soon, is the answer to the Eternal Question of not "When", but "What".

    Pouches, cases, odd little unique Bottega Veneta things.

    Soon, you will be completely converted to the BV side.

    I have slowly made the conversion over to all-BV all the time (except for my 'going to the movies' bag, and that is a bag I wouldn't mind/don't mind getting garp on, whether mine or somebody else's).

    If you watch e-Bay, Bonanza, Malleries (to name a few) ... and get things authenticated here ... you can do this fairly inexpensively. As I wrote in another thread, thank heavens for the resale market. Us normal don't-have-a-sh*tload-of-money people* can't handle BV otherwise. :biggrin:

    *As opposed to normal HAVE-a-sh*tload-of-money people :biggrin:
  9. Yay to your lovely new bag! I saw this bag in the boutique this weekend and the proportions are just so well done. And in that color, yowza! I think it's great for the office as well as for play.

    I do like an outside pocket and have had to let that go with BV. I think because I see what it could do to the design, I'm ok with it. I don't miss it at all. In terms of organizing, I don't carry that much (wallet, cosmetic case, coin case, tic tacs, phone, and pen and lipgloss in side pocket) so tossing it all in there works. In your bag, because it's not so deep, it should be easy to find your things.

    And India is so very very right. We'll look forward to your future mischief:woot:
  10. Welcome! I have this exact style in Appia, a muted brick red. I'm surprised at how much I like and use it, because the large Veneta is my all-time favorite style.

    I have a small fabric BV zip case to help organize a lot of the little bits of stuff I like to have with me. But any small zip case would help organize inside the bag.
  11. Congrats! What a great shape and gorgeous color for your start on the slippery BV slope. :smile:

    Isn't the suede lining fabulous? I love it every time I slip my hand inside my bag.

    I carry little pouches to organize--some BV, some not. Probably the only "free" item in my bag is my phone, and that's usually the single item in the inside zipper pocket of my bags. I miss the outside pocket for easy access to the phone, but using the zip pocket and organizing pouches helps.

    Enjoy your lovely first BV!
  12. awww its a beaut! Great size too! Congrats!
  13. Excellent choice! Enjoy!

    As for your question, I do use organizers sometimes, especially when the bag has a wide bottom. Even if I'm not using an organizer, I do use a pouch for small cosmetic-type items that otherwise would get lost (like a tiny brush, lipstick, mini lotion, hair elastics, that sort of thing). For keys, I tend to use key holders or lariats that that make the keys easy to find in my bag (or at least recognizable by feel).
  14. great little big bag
    love the shoes also