My first BV!

  1. My first BV, don't the name...

  2. Congrats! Great bag, great colour!
  3. wow, that's a pretty bag!! how does the top close if I may ask?
  4. What a beautiful bag and color! She looks like a bronzey brown on my screen. :heart: Enjoy her!
  5. Perfect size for you! congrats on your first Bottega--once you start, it's hard to stop!
  6. An orangey red on mine!

    Welcome to the BV subforum, babyshingo! That's a really cute style you got for your first BV :yes:
  7. very pretty....lovely colour too!:heart:
    welcome and congrats on your first, and I am sure there will be more to come...;)
  8. Babyshingo.....I love the style and color!
  9. baby!
    congrats! looks great on you!

    it seems like a red on my screen though....
  10. It is a magnetic closure, that snap together
  11. It is red.

    I think it's the lighting in my house. seem a bit yellowish...
  12. babyshingo - Congrats on your first BV and welcome to the BV subforum! Now you'll be a BV addict in no time. :lol:
  13. congrats on your first BV babyshingo! It suits you'll love it!!