My first BV!!!!!

  1. I just received my Magenata BV from Beryln. Unfortunately something is wrong with my camera and I cannot get it to work. :sad: However, I will post pictures as soon as I can. In the meantime, here is the link to the eBay auction:

    I love this bag!!!!!!

    I'm actually happy I did not buy the Sloane bag that was on bluefly. It gives me time to enjoy this bag to the fullest!!

    Thank you B :yahoo:
  2. ohhh! congrats, classic style in a beautiful colour:heart: Enjoy
  3. Yay!!! I'm glad you like the bag :nuts: Its such a great bag, I only wish when I had her I had use for her, but then again if I did you wouldn't have gotten her in the awesome condition she is in :roflmfao:

    Can't wait to see picturessssss! I'm glad she remained in the tPF family :heart:
  4. Beautiful! It looks like raspberry sorbet. Can't wait to see more pics!
  5. It is gorgeous. The true test will be when I wear her.

    Oh, today I also received the peony cosmetic case I ordered from bluefly. It is so cute!!! It matches the card holder I purchased a few weeks ago.

    I will probably buy another bag but I want to wait until I am able to find one at a great price. Samantha had great luck when she bought her sloane with all those discounts. That's what I want! I already used up the 20% discount from bluefly; the only one that works for me is the 15% discount....but I want to save more money :tup:
  6. wow, congrats! it is beautiful. enjoy in good health!
  7. I'm so jealous. I've been wanting a BV ever since I went to the boutique and got to see the bags IRL. Congrats! The pink color is so unusual too.
  8. JudieH, the Magenta color is such an eye-catcher, it`s gorgeous!

    And I think you did the right thing not going for the Sloane. You sounded so uncomfortable in your other thread, so I guess, now you have time to enjoy the beautiful magenta bag and then wait until you find a bag that really jumps at you.
  9. I saw that bag on eBay and thought it was so beautiful! I lost out because I am an eBay scaredy cat and am too chicken to buy anything off of ebay.
    Congratulations on a great purchase!
  10. that is SUCH a gorgeous color!
  11. I LOVE THIS! The color, the style - everything - you did good! Congrats!
  12. Thank you guys. The color looks even better irl. I love it!!!!! :yahoo:

    This may make you laugh. I had the bag on my bed. My 4 year old daughter comes into my room, climbs on my bed and grabs the bag. She says "mommy, this is beautiful! I want it!!!' and proceeds to start running all over the house!!!!! :wtf:

    I try to remain calm and ask her to please give it back to me. Nope, doesn't work. I had to chase her around the room!!!! :cursing: I get it from her but then she tries to pull it back, laughing the entire time. We almost get into a tug of war!!!!!!! :nogood: This was NOT funny!!!!!

    Sheesh!!! :push:

    Also, I later went on bluefly and saw the Sloane again in Walnut. I decide to call the customer service to see if he would give me the 20% discount. Nope, he says all he can give me is a 15% code (which I already have) or free shipping. No thanks. Clearly it wasn't meant to be. I need to take a chill pill and enjoy my new magenta :okay:
  13. what a cute story - your daughter and you have the same great taste ! the colour is tdf and you got it at a great price too
  14. Mmmm, luscious color! Congratulations and wear her in good health!
  15. JudieH, congrats.... it's a gorgeous colour, very uncommon and I'm sure you'll be very eye catching when you carry it.... do post action pics when you get your camera to behave!