my first bv

  1. BV 001.jpg
    here is the photo of my new large veneta in the off-white (i think it is called SALE with an accent on the letter e). ok i hope this attachment works as i have been having a hard time with this all morning!!! as some of you may have read in my previous posting, i had to return the first bag due to a cut in the leather, so the new one had to be sent from the hawaii store. i cannot wait to get it and start using it!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  2. Congrats, it's perfect for the summer!
  3. So beautiful!
  4. Such a happy clean looking bag...did I say GORGEOUS!!!
  5. thanks, ladies! too bad the pic doesn't show the true is not as white as it looks in the's more creamy but what makes it beautiful is when light hits it on diff. angles it almost has that translucent or almost metallic is not a flat color.
    ooohhh... what BV does to us!!! :heart: :yes: :heart:
  6. Such a beautiful bag! :heart:
  7. That creamy white is so rich looking--I love your bag. Congratulations on your first BV. You got THE classic Bottega bag. You'll love it and get many compliments. I know you're anxious to start wearing it!!! Thanks for sharing.:yes:
  8. Congrats, it's amazing!!
  9. Congrats on such a gorgeous Veneta!!

    I won't be able to wait to get my hands on that if I were you too! :yahoo:
  10. Very very lovely.... congrats and this won't be the first and last I can assure you..... BVs are very very addictive..... when I got my first BV, a Veneta also, the bug hit me so hard that I have to buy a cosmetic pouch and a key pouch as well, all three within 2 weeks.... why only the pouches and not another bag you may wonder - cos' I can't afford a 2nd BV bag in 2 weeks!!!
  11. Off-white Veneta is absolutely gorgeous, I love it. Congrats. =)
  12. you are absolutely right, mlbags --- i am already thinking about what my next purchase would be...i would love to have a BALL or campana bag Nero or Ebano!! i got the BV feverrrrrr...
  13. That's pretty. Congrats.

    Awhile ago I was emailing a sa about the Sale I thought it was "on sale" not the Italian word for salt/white. It was funny.
  14. That is so beautiful! Congratulations!:yahoo:

    I am soooo tempted to purchase my First BV and your bag has just inspired me even more to take the plunge! :heart:
  15. Congrats!It's cute!