My First BV-- what is it?

  1. Hi all:

    I was shopping in NYC today and bought a bottega veneta bag on impulse, but know nothing about the brand. What is this style called? What color is it? Is it a current style or out of date? It came with all of the cards pictured, is that all I should have? Totally clueless. :confused1: I usually buy Chloes and Choos so I have no idea what I am doing with BV. Can anyone enlighten me? Is the hardware supposed to have a shiny distressed look? Thanks in advance. Love the bag, but I paid a lot for it and just want to double check before I keep it.
    bv-4.jpg bv-2.jpg bv-3.jpg bv-1.jpg
  2. Hi! Welcome to the BV subforum. This is a current style called Roma. Sorry but I don't know what the name of this green shade is; I'm guessing it's a new color, because I haven't seen this recently. If I'm reading the tag correctly, the leather is Nappa Umbria, so it's very soft, but has a finish the regular Nappa does not have. Congratulations!!

    This is a bag I've thought I would love, too. It looks roomy, but business-like.
  3. Thanks boxermom. I love the bag and bought it because I thought it would be perfect to take into work.

    Thanks again.
  4. Congrats, luvly bag, have it in Ferro and use it all the time. I think of it as the Birkin of BV. Love the color, think it's called olio.
  5. Congrats. What a really nice color.
  6. Lionlaw - Welcome to BV. I am a new fugitive from Choo, too! :graucho: I am hooked on BV. They are so understated and classy. No glaring logos. I'm expecting a watersnake palermo bag in the mail. I also got my hubby a briefcase. Enjoy your new Roma, I love the color! You'll be back for is inevitable.
  7. Beautiful Roma! I bet olio is the colour of the "olive" Sloane on Bluefly that I was asking about the other day. And welcome to Bottega Veneta - bet you can't stop at just one!
  8. :nuts: That olive bag is so gorgeous!! I have that bag in ferro (grey), but someone awhile back posted a picture of this bag in that lovely olive color, and I honestly can't say which I would prefer if given the option. I think it may be from a past season, because I can't see it fitting in with the current S/S or resort colors.

    The roma bag makes a great work bag due to the structure and compartments. I use it for travel mostly, but every now and then I pull it out for just running around town because I love looking at it!:shame:
  9. I think olio is new this season, it's not the same green as last season---to be sure look at the resort catalog on BV website
  10. Hi Lionlaw,

    I really love the bag. This is actually the most wanted BV bag on my list. Congrats!!:tup:
    It's actually much cheaper to get it in US. In Canada, we pay more than 30% for this bag so it's a good deal already. Enjoy!!!
  11. And yes Bookermouse just looked at the New Pyramid on BF and think it's the new color Olio--that's a good price for that bag. Did someone get it??? Hope so.
  12. Ya, hate to say it but I like her olio better than my Ferro UGH
  13. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!!

    The thing that impresses me the most about this bag is how creamy and soft the leather is. I would have never thought bvs were soft from looking at the weaved patterns but it is almost smooshy. This may be the start of yet another addiction. ;)

  14. Hi Jburgh!! OOOh I may have to look at a bv briefcase for my job. Please let me know how it holds up. with all of my files and dragging it though the metal detectors at court I would be afraid to use one unless it was tough. but I bet it is beautiful!!
  15. Oh yeah! I do remember seeing an "olio" color in resort, for some reason I thought it came in metallic only. I'm really liking this color on the roma; love the variation of the greens that keeps it from looking too flat.