My first BV: Steel or Ebano?

Which color?

  • Ebano

  • Steel

  • Other

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Oct 4, 2009
I've fallen in love with the Veneta hobo in medium size.
But can't decide between 2 colors - Ebano or Steel?
I prefer darker bags, but like how the Steel looks on the website...but is it too light?
Anyone have the Veneta in steel who can post a pic for me?
Appreciate all your thoughts and comments! Help me choose please! :smile:


Dec 29, 2009
Washington Crossing, PA
My first BV was the large Veneta in Ebano. The color is so rich looking and the bag is incredible.

I have never seen the steel color so I can't comment on it. I heard it was beautiful though.
Aug 8, 2008
I vote for Steel. I saw it in the stores yesterday and it is a beautiful neutral colour - reminds me of ash scuro from a few seasons back.
Ebano is a great colour but it will always be available.


Boston Strong
Sep 15, 2007
Silicon Valley
I voted for other (Nero). You can't go wrong with basic black for your first BV. You can carry black with everything.


Oct 18, 2007
I voted steel. I can't go into details because officially I don't have I yet (it's a Christmas present). It's a chameleon like color and can be dark and light. It is NOT as it appears on the BV website. It 'can' be grey but it an also also be khaki, taupe, and brown. I will say this though, at first glanceth color can look a little flat. In that sense eano is much richer.

Funnily enough, my Christmas present was supposed to be ebano but it just didn't sing to me like steel did.
Feb 26, 2010
I voted for Ebano. My first BV was in Ebano and it remains my favorite. I'm a bit biased because I saw Steel IRL and I was expecting more of a grey (the photos on the BV website are not true to the color!) but it ended up being a grey with very strong brown undertones.


Mar 28, 2009
Margate, NJ
I vote steel and this is why
stell is a seasonal color
it might go on sale
but they probably didn't buy enough for it to make it to sale, so I wouldn't wait
your next bag can be ebano because it is always available


Emma 4ever in my <3
May 23, 2009
I haven't seen the steel colored bag IRL. To me it really depends on the predominant colors in your wardrobe. Do you wear mostly blacks, blues, burgandy, tan? Then I would say go for the steel even though I haven't seen it. It sounds like a very versatile gray. The ebano is BV's patented brown and it's like luscious chocolate. I agree with most posters, it is a BV staple and after you have fallen hard for this one, hopefully your next will be the ebano. I am considering Ebano for my next colored BV. My one and only is a medium veneta in Nero (black). I couldn't decide between the ebano and nero but finally decided on the black as it goes with absolutely everything!

Please reveal to us after you receive your gorgeous new bag!


Dec 19, 2008
Another vote for Steel! It's such a chameleon color... sometimes it looks grey, sometimes taupe and sometimes with hints of ash. It is absolutely lovely! Plus you may never get to see this color again since it's only for Cruise 2011-2012. On top of that, it will go better with a wider range of wardrobe colors -- black, grey, brown, beige, navy, even some brighter colors. There are some people who prefer not to pair a black outfit with a brown brown bag so I can't say the same about Ebano.

PS: I am a die-hard Ebano fan. My first BV was an Ebano Capri. Ebano is my 2nd most favorite BV color (next to Platino Ossidato). It truly is the best shade of brown hands down. The good thing is it's a classic so you can get it any time and in other styles. The only reason why I don't own anything in Steel so far is I have 2 other Venetas in Elephant and Limo... 2 previous colors that are more or less in the same family.