My first BV - Reveal!


Jan 16, 2012
I have finally purchased my very first BV - Medium Veneta in Violet :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:. I am so happy and I love it. Already looking for my next BV! The colour is very hard to capture, but it is a beautiful vibrant purple!

Thanks for letting me share;)


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Jan 16, 2012
Oh just stop with all this gorgeousness, I've been blinded. Enough is enough.

JK - I love this and congrats!

Haha, thanks Indiaink! You are one of the few that helped me to decide on a gorgeous veneta!

Welcome to the violet family. Great choice for your first BV.
Thanks Mousse, I have been admiring your violet family from my laptop while I was patiently waiting on mine!

Lovely and congrats!! I loved violet in person, so vibrant! What colours do u plan to wear it with in your wardrobe? Oh and mod pics please!

Thanks Slang! Violet is gorgeous. As for what I am going to far I've been wearing it with everything haha. But I see black, white, grey, yellow, blue, coral, mint green, and basically any other bright colours I have in my wardrobe!