My first BV reveal!

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  1. I received my order from Saks today.

    Actually, my SO picked up my package. I didn't know that two packages came in today, so when he came back with the wrong box (I can tell by the label), I screamed, "Nooo! That's the wrong box! Go back!" :biggrin:

    And when he came back the second time, I literally grabbed it from him. Lol. When he saw what I got, he said, "Did you buy it because of tPF again?" :P This board is such a bad influence! Lol!

    I bought a wallet as noted from my previous thread, but do you know which one? (Sorry about the pictures. I'm in my SO's lab, and I only have my Macbook with me.)

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  2. I actually have to go to class now. I'll post what I bought after I come back :graucho:
  3. Oh, you little tease. :P
  4. I'm back and here it is: my BV nero zip around wallet! :yahoo:

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  5. jaslee, it's lovely. I'm anxious to know how roomy it is once you load it up. Does it still zipper easily?
  6. congrats
  7. Gorgeous first BV! I have the same wallet (although with the tassel not the tab) and love it!
  8. Congrats! I have this wallet with the tassel zip and love the zip style. You'll enjoy using this wallet.
  9. Congrats! It's a lovely wallet!
  10. Beautiful! BV makes great wallets. I love the zip arounds.
  11. :couch:

    waiting for your reveal!!!
  12. Congrats! Love that style!
  13. Beautiful wallet! Enjoy. :biggrin:
  14. Beautiful and I love the whole reveal! Enjoy!!!
  15. gorgeous!!! congrats!!