My first BV!! Medium Veneta in Ebano

  1. I have always admired BV but never got the chance to buy one. When the opportunity came up, I grabbed it! Bought pre-loved, this bag has just melted my heart and I am sure this is not going to be my last BV!:love: She is absolutely amazing and extremely lightweight...just simply BEAUTIFUL!
    BAGS 503.jpg BAGS 504.jpg BAGS 499.jpg BAGS 497.jpg BAGS 505.jpg
  2. Congrats! Simply beautiful!:tup:
  3. Ah congratulations, abi319!! Isn't ebano divine? and veneta is such a classic. Enjoy!!
  4. you're going to be so addicted now, it's hard to grab for any other bag once you've started carrying a BV since it's so easy to deal with. enjoy!
  5. Congrats abi319, this was my first BV too! A perfect bag to go from day to night.
  6. Congratulations! Enjoy!
  7. Congrats on a great purchase. It's amazing how strong, yet lightweight the BV woven bags are. Of course that's before I put all my stuff in them.

    It's beautiful!
  8. Beautiful bag! Congrats on your first BV!
  9. abi319, welcome and congratulations on having your first BV. Yes, you are right, this will definitely not be your first, nor only, nor last BV. They are simply divine and ADDICTIVE! Tho' I too got hooked, but I'm more than pleased. Frankly, BVs are the only bags I look at most these days.

    Most would tell you, for your first BV, Veneta is the perfect choice and what more if it should be in Ebano You have made the right choice and this lovely Ebano Veneta will surely be well loved by you too.

    Enjoy, and for many more BVs to come....!
  10. abi319, glad you started a new thread. Like others have mentioned, you couldn't have picked a better choice as your starter BV. Veneta is a classic hobo and Ebano is a special colour - so quintessentially BV. Many congrats and may you have more BV to come!
  11. Welcome and congrats on your gorgeous BV! What a great start to your collection. Ebano is my favorite BV color. :heart:
  12. congrats on an excellent choice! a classic shape in a classic colour!

    and yup, you are going to get soooooo addicted!
  13. Congratulations - lovely bag! I am also newly addicted and can vouch for the fact that your first BV will likely be followed soon by your second, and so on and so on. After buying two BVs within a week, I'm now eyeing wallets... And breathlessly waiting for information about upcoming BVs!
  14. That is beautiful, I really want that bag!
  15. Excellent choice for your first BV bag. Welcome to our little corner of tPF!