My First BV Bag! Reveal!

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  1. My extremely pretty purple Pouch20 arrived today! :love::love::love::love::love:
    So excited to have my first BV bag, and officially join the BV Club!
    Since the purple is a fairly light color, and the BV dust bag is fairly dark, is there a risk of color transfer? Should I put it in a white dust bag, or are the dark BV dust bags fine with lighter colored leathers?

    And tomorrow my Nodini should arrive, so I'll have both New BV (DL) and Old BV (TM). Such a great week! :yahoo::yahoo:

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  2. wow! this is very, very pretty! Not bad at all for your first BV!
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  3. Thank you! :flowers:
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  4. That is such a pretty purple! I could look at it all day :love: Congrats and welcome!
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  5. Jen! Congratulations!! It is truly stunning!
    I adore the color:heart::heart::heart: Purple passion!! It’s going to look amazing with so many colors!
    I still have my first purple bag- a Balenciaga First.
    BV bags are so special.
    I don’t know the answer about color transfer from the dustbag, but I’m sure it’s fine or they would use another color bag.
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  6. Beautiful bag!
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  7. Jen, this bag is so beautiful!
    You’re going to look so gorgeous carrying this Pouch!
    It just amazing.
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  8. Thank you! :flowers: I had to put it back in the box so I could work, not stare at it all afternoon.
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  9. Thank you! :flowers: Your cute Pouch pics helped inspire me.

    A purple Balenciaga First! :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes: Color me green with envy.

    Thanks for the info on the dust bag.
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  10. Thank you! :flowers:
  11. Thank you! I'm excited for you to get yours, so we can be Bag Twins! :hugs:
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  12. Beautiful bag! Congratulations on this one and on the Nodini too. I love Nodinis!!
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  13. Thank you! :flowers: Nodini just arrived, and I can see why you love them. :loveeyes:
  14. Congratulations! Such a beautiful colour and looks so soft ,can probably fit quite a lot for its size.
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  15. gorgeous purple! congrats! :tup:
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