My First BV arrived this afternoon - A Ferro Sloane

  1. It's here!!! It came from Jomashop late this afternoon. I have been eyeing BVs at the local Nordies and the usual websites for a while. Being a weaver, I am attracted to woven leather. This is a great bag and even filled, fits comfortably under the shoulder of this plus-sized woman. I also like the fact that there are no flashy logos. Pics will be taken tomorrow and I'll post them here.

    I am here visiting from the Choo forum and have to say you gals should ask Vlad and Megs for a Reference Library subforum. I got one going for the Choo girls. I have not visited the BV forum enough to know who are the experts or most active posters. But I look forward to more visits.
  2. Congratulations on your new Sloane and a warm welcome to you from another Pacific Northwester (as well as another rescue dog owner, and another plus-sizer for that matter as well)!!

    And I don't know about the Jimmy Choo subforum, but just so you know, pictures of the new Sloane WITH the corgi(s) are an absolute requirement of the BV subforum!!
  3. jburgh, congrats on your ferro sloane! hope you post pics soon :smile:
  4. jburgh, first, congrats on the gorgeous ferro sloane!!! You will love how soft the leather gets with wear. Second, like BookerMoose said, pics with corgis are expected, unless the corgis enjoy nibbling leather! BookerMoose has already obliged us with pics of her beagles with her BV bags so there is a trend going here.
  5. Oooo, ferro sloane sounds TDF! :drool: Could you please post pics for us??
  6. Congrats, BTW!!
  7. jburgh, congrats again on your Ferro Sloane. As a fellow BV/Choo owner (and PNWer, and all the rest!) I agree it is easy to appreciate the diversity of these two labels.

    BTW, you are not just "visiting" this sub-forum, you are one of US now! :graucho:

    Looking forward to your pics :flowers:
  8. Hi jburgh, congratulations once again on your Ferro Sloane!! Can't wait to see the pics (with corgis and your modeling would be lovely:tender:). I'd also love to hear what you think of BV's weaving.

    I actually emailed one of the Mods a couple of hours ago and asked if they could make a reference thread here. Is PMing Vlad and Megs the way to go? then I'd be happy to do that!!
  9. I carried my sloane today and was reveling in how much I love it. I stuffed it to the brim and it was still so light and easy to carry, you're going to adore owning this bag.

    welcome to the club!
  10. jburgh, congratulation on your First BV...and a Ferro Sloane too! Pictures please...
  11. Congrats you 'll love it. Just got the Ferro Roma at SFA with ECG.
  12. jburgh,Enjoy your sloane. It's a wonderful style and the color is TDF. You've done a wonderful job with the Choo reference library. I've referred it to often trying to decide if Choos were for me.
  13. Many Congrats on your ferro sloane! The subtle metallic sheen on that dark grey colour makes this bag truly amazing! Many congrats also to Longchamp as well for a stunning ferro Roma! I can't wait to see everyones pics!
  14. Congrats on your gorgeous bag. :heart: I'd love to see some actions pics. ;) Ferro is an amazing color! :tup:
  15. hi jburgh, congrats on nabbing an iconic bv in such a fabulous colour! i love ferro but we don't get to see many pieces here in singapore.