My first BV - A tote for sping/summer!

  1. I have been a long time admirer of Bottega Veneta bags and shoes. I made my first bag purchase last week! It's not all leather but is so functional for my lifestlye with kids and everything. I also picked out these Robert Clergerie shoes to go with:

    What do you think?
  2. That bag looks wonderful!! Love the colors! I really like your shoes too! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Very pretty! Congratulations! :yahoo:
  4. I LOVE that tote, saw it in the BV store and thought it was gorgeous. Also like that it has those modern pink tones but is probably more durable than the all pink wovens (although those are gorgeous too!) Enjoy using it :smile:
  5. Very pretty- love the colors!
  6. What do I think? I really think you did quite well! Congratulations.
  7. :drinkup: A toast to you and your new beauty! (shoes included)
  8. Nice purchases!! I love them. BV makes some canvas totes with wonderful color combinations--you'll get lots of compliments.
  9. Thank you everyone!! I really fell in love with the colors and striping AND it is always reassuring that my tPF buddies like it too! Especially since it was my first one. I'm sure it won't be the last!!

    I was also contemplating the one that was on the purse blog but in a bigger size and a solid color.

    The other purse I fell in love with was a little handheld bag. Woven. But had teeny, tiny Bottega Veneta printing on the gold color leather. It was gorgeous and was around $2000.

    Here's the one in the purse blog. Also comes in a larger weekender size. The handles are TDF:
  10. ^^^ I love that quarzo color and I'm a broken record about the braided handles. I have 2 BV's with that handle and it just feels good in my hand. Thanks for pointing this one out, maxter.
  11. Lovely colour...perfect for spring summer..:yes:
    also the wedges..nice design
  12. ^ITA. Those handles make the bag!! You said it exactly right "They feel good in your hand". And I would imagine they would wear quite well.

    Does the BV forum have a reference library or someplace to look at all the beautiful bags?
  13. Not yet. The BV forum is new. I'd love it if those with knowledge of the history of their bags could get us started!:yes:
  14. OMG - I'm just in time with my new purchase!
  15. i think it's perfect for spring! LOVE the color