My first BV, a grey Sloane shipped today

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  1. Ah yes, welcome to the dark side, as they say. I took the plunge and ordered my first Bottega Veneta last week. It is an Iron Sloane. As a weaver, i've always liked woven leather. I'm a real shoulder bag girl, and the smooshy leather on a BV it lovely. Jomashop shipped it yesterday. This is my first order from them, but lots of gals on the Fendi forum have had positive experiences. Here is a stock photo....I cannot wait. Any opinions from owners of this style would be appreciated.

  2. welcome to the ferro sloane bag! you'll love it, I promise.
  3. My mom just got this style for Christmas and it's a beauty. I've never heard of JomaShop---is it a reseller?
  4. ^it is a reseller of luxury items (bags, watches) and i think they are reputable (but i hear that returning items is a hassle)
  5. What a wonderful choice! Welcome to the BV group-you and Jane should watch out for each other in Seattle.
  6. Hijburgh, welcome to the BV site. You've answered some of my Jimmy Choo questions in that forum! I got the ferro sloane for's a beauty. I don't think there's any leather that compares to will love it! I'm not familiar with jamashop. I checked it out and all I got were links to other sites. :confused1:
  7. ^ it's
  8. Ferro in Sloane will be an excellent choice. I have sloane bag in OP color, the style is really chic and classy at the same time... the bag is so light and very comfy too... sit perfectly in my shoulder
  9. Nice choice for a first BV jburgh. I ordered a Fendi bag from jomashop (after reading good things about them in the Fendi subforum) and I had no problems whatsoever. Good customer service, and my bag was definitely authentic and in pristine shape.
  10. Whoohooo!
    Congrat! :nuts:
    Though I am still on the hunt for my Poudre Sloane, I am so excited for you!
    Please post piccies when you get this beauty :yes:
  11. Many Congrats Jburgh, the ferro sloane is a beauty! I'm sure that you will love it! Please post some pics when it arrives.
  12. Gorgeous bag! You will definitely appreciate the workmanship and quality of BV bags!
  13. Ooooh, you picked a gorg-y bag for your first BV! Sloane + Ferro = HEAVEN!

    Congrats and welcome to a new obsession :graucho:
  14. congratulations, jburgh, on scoring a ferro slone, it is to die for and such a sought-after bag. please post action pics when it arrives! we'll all be waiting...
  15. Congrats on your beautiful purchase!!!! What a great way to start your collection. :love: