My first Business meeting in NYC...

  1. What do I wear? I'm leaving for NYC on Tuesday, and I have no idea what I should wear. I have to go to a dinner, and then attend a trade show. Does anyone have photos of celebs or models that you think are wearing the perfect outfit for this occasion? If you do please share, i'm searching through magazines so I can inspire myself before I go shopping. Thanks
  2. Trade shows have you on your feet all day long, so you'll want to wear your comfiest pair of heels and clothing that doesn't overly restrict your movement. At the last conference I attended, I wore a DVF wrap dress (love her silk jersey!) and low-heeled Tods pumps for the walk around the booths. For dinners and meetings, a suit and a sleeved blouse with a modicum of jewelry will give you a crisp, polished appearance. And, naturally, take a great bag along!
  3. Defintely wear comfy shoes-a lot of trade shows mean walking around huge convention centers!