my first burberry

  1. inspired by everyones "first burberry" threads... i thought i'd share mine too. It's kind of the boring old school style but with patent leather trim =) Bought it recently at LAX duty free. it fits a TON! and i love how the material can be cleaned with simple soap and water!
  2. [​IMG]

    I love that! The patent looks fantastic!
  3. It's beautiful.
    Congrats! :okay:
  4. Gorgeous - congrats:yes:
  5. It's a beauty, total classic
  6. thank you guys! :heart: burberry now.... hope one day to own a trench=)
  7. I love it!:tup:
  8. Very pretty bag!!
  9. Beautiful! I do love totes :love:
  10. congrats!
  11. Congrats- the patent looks great on the nova!