My First Burberry!

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  1. Well, I went to the Leesburg outlets today and stopped by the Burberry outlet, since I had such great luck last time and low and behold was this beauty! I love it because it's low maintenance...especially since it rains SO MUCH here in the fall, and, it even rained today, so, I threw all of my stuff in it and used it! Does anyone know her name by chance? The tag was no help, but, maybe I'm being a ditz hehe :P

    They were having some really good sales...30% off certain coats, a table full of scarfs were another 50% off, all of the dark nova check bags were an additional 50% off, and then the long umbrellas were all 40 dollars! :nuts: My mom and I both commented on how nice they were but they were both impractical...neither one of us wants to carry an umbrella by hand, we want to put them in our purses!

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  2. Hey girl! Did you notice that this was also your 1000 post? Happy 1000!!!!:yahoo:

    Way to go! I am following your closely, not!
    I saw the scarves but the table was too full and I lost interest because they did not have their signature print on them. Also, the umbrellas, yes, I saw those. Too big for my taste, also. Did not pay attention to much of their stuff but seems like it could be a good sale. I may go tomorrow again (Orlando Outlet) and check again. My son was driving me nuts!
  3. Thanks! I didn't even notice! Haha, how fitting that it was about my purchase today!!

    They had some of the small scarfs, like, the slik ones, with the burberry logo on them for half off, but, I didn't like the feel of them...mine also had a couple of logo'd winter scarfs, but, they were too small, not nearly as big as they should have been.
  4. Congrats on a lovely bag! And on reaching 1000!
  5. aw that is such a gorgeous purse. I love the pink candy check collection. Do you mind if I ask how much was the purse? i'm not sure if i should go to the outlet tomorrow since it's almost 2 hours drive from where I live. I know it's memorial day & they probably have some good sale. But I just want to make sure. Let me know ok.
  6. DId they have any of the other pink candy check bags left? I liked the cylinder one, but missed it :sad:
  7. congrats!! :biggrin:
  8. Congrats on your cute bag!
  9. My bag was 165 final outlet is about an hour away, so, it's not too far for me to drive, just far enough...I thought the deals were worth it, but, last time I was there was an "off" time, no holiday or anything and I found better deals then :smile:

    They did have the regular barrel bags and then the smaller barrel bag with the longer strap and I was looking at it, but, it was too small for me, but, if I remember correctly it was 225. :yes:
  10. Congrats- she's adorable!
  11. The bag is adorable and I love the pink candy color. Congrats!
    Enjoy! :tup:
  13. Congrats on your bag!! I saw this at the outlets this week in Orlando and came really close to buying it. But, I ended up buying a few other goodies for my SIL's
  14. Thanks guys :smile: I really love this bag! I even went out today and my boyfriends milkshake kinda exploded everywhere and normally, I would have freaked out, but, it didn't get on the handle, just the bag itself and I wiped it right off!! Love love love this bag!!!
  15. congrats!