My First Burberry

  1. Just wanted to share my joy with everyone here...I'm absolutely estatic about my first Burberry purchase!
    This is my beauty: the Novacheck Hobo :love:
    (it really isn't as yellow as it is depicted in the picture on the website) Burberryx-x Novacheck Hobox-x Neiman Marcus

    I can't wait to find a matching wallet for it!

    P.S. Can someone please show me how to use the 'attach' function in the forums (or another way to post pictures) so that I can remove the *temporary* link to the NM website? Thanks
  2. Congrats on a beautiful bag!

    Attaching pics:

    Go Advanced (bottom R of Message box)
    click on paper clip to attach pics (make sure they are within size guidelines)

    Can't wait to see!
  3. congrats, looks like a nice way to kick off your buberry collection!!
  4. gasp....!!!! you got this hobo?? oh droool......i've been eyeing that for quite some time. it keeps going on and off the NM site....CONGRATS!!! it is SOOOOOO cute!

  5. Yeah, I love this bag but it wasnt roomy enough for me. For some reason, I couldn't pull the bag off... it didnt fit me well.. maybe cause i'm asian lolz. Enjoy your bag!! By, the way, is your bag made in china as well?
  6. Thanks Addy! :biggrin: you're always so helpful. I'll try to get pictures posted when I get the chance.

    rainyjewels: Thanks, sweetie! It's a beautiful bag & I love how it sits on the shoulder (the bag doesn't slouch that much or crumble together). Even though it's described as a "large" bag, to me, it seems more like a medium to a medium-large (a.k.a. not quite that large). I chose this one because I liked the hobo shape of it (not too tall or crescent-like) & the brass-like buckles more than the silver ones in the more recent hobo bags. You should most definitely get one if you're lusting over it!!
  7. knxkwk: Thanks girlie! Will do :yes: ! far as I can recall, there are no indications on or inside the bag that states it was made in China. I purchased my bag from Holt Renfrew (think of it as a sort of Canadian equivalent to NM in the States), and I don't recall seeing any other Burberry bags with that either.
  8. Thank you, lovely! I'm sure it will be a while before I am able to have a collection as extensive as yours :p I admit I'm quite picky about my bags. hehe.
  9. Congrats!!!!!!!! That bag looks perfect for spring/summer!!!!!! :nuts: :yahoo:
  10. sharbear508: Thanks hun! I think it's a wonderful bag for spring/summer too! I can't wait to use while shopping for cute spring/summer outfits! I'm thinking of waiting until late spring/summer to use it though...just because the snow is still melting here & there's dirty slush everywhere. It's just too icky :push:
  11. Congrats :biggrin:
  12. Congrats!
  13. Congratulations.
  14. Congrats. I love that bag. It is so beautiful.
  15. very cute! i'm loving that style and the oversize checks!