My first burberry...which one should I get?

  1. So I went to the store and I feel in love with the shimmer style:heart: Now my dilemma is which one i should get:
    [​IMG]...the shimmer bag (6 X 4 X 4)

    [​IMG]...the check bag (8 X 5.5 X 2.5)

    They are both the same price, but the check bag is bigger...I'm swaying towards the check (2nd)

    what do you think? pros and cons of each? size, handle, versitability, etc
  2. I like the second one.
  3. Depends on whether you like shoulder or hand/elbow-carry bags...

    Do you have a lot of either?
  4. mostly the shoulder...but i have skinny arms so i usually wear carry bags on my shoulder anyway...but this one is too small
  5. hmmm if I had to pick, maybe the 2nd.
  6. personally i'd go with the first... i think the second looks a bit like a make-up bag (my opinion). Bags i have to carry end up really annoying me too, i'd rather just be able to sling it over my shoulder..
  7. i'd go with the 1st -you can put it over your shoulder, but that's just my opinion.
  8. I like the 2nd one the best.