My first Burberry Trench!

  1. Look what my husband bought me!!


    We went to the Burberry boutique together and I tried on a bunch of coats and picked this one. It's so divine! I am having the sleeves shortened, but in two weeks it will be all mine... :love: :love:

    By far the nicest coat I have ever had... I'm so stoked!

    Of course now I will have to somehow avoid being tempted to buy a matching scarf...
  2. It is beautiful!

    Now i have a question and need help. I tried to order a Burberry short trench coat online but they do not have my size. Since i am living in the middle of nowhere i have no chance to visit a Burberry store. Do you know if i can call a store and have them ship it to me if they have my size? It is going to be my first Burberry trench coat as well and i dont know how it works.

    Thanks alot.
  3. that is a nice trench coat, you can match it with anything. does it have the nova check linning? i saw a few nice winter burberry coats and tried them on, they feel so warm but the sleeves are alittle long though. i am hoping to purchase burberry coat soon, if i can find one that i truly like!:P
  4. VERRRRRY nice! I plan to buy one the same next Winter to add to my vintage brown one I inherited from my grandmother.
  5. That's a great looking trenchcoat. I'm starting to develop some love for Burberry lately. :smile:
  6. I love it! Hopefully I will join the club and get one soon!!
  7. Love it Jane!
  8. Yes it has the novacheck lining. It doesn't have the removable warm liner, but I don't plan to use it as a cold-weather coat, just as a regular fall/spring etc cool weather coat. It never gets that cold here in SF anyway, and we always have to layer.

    mielcre: I don't know, I suggest you just contact Burberry and ask? Sometimes thier sizes run large or small too, but they should be able to tell you that. My coat is a size 6, even though I normally wear a 2, because this particular style is so fitted.
  9. My coat is also a size larger than what I normally wear. They advised I purchase it like that so I can put a sweater on underneath.
  10. Yes, that too! I tried it on while wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a sweater vest, so that I would know how it would fit over that kind of outfit.

    I love how it has cinches at the wrists, to keep wind out if neccessary. So cool! Also this particular coat has a thing where you can fasten back the buttons on each side to make it look a little more casual. Hard to describe, but I will take pictures. It was really neat, and the SA said it was the only trench they had with that feature.
  11. Just gorgeous!
  12. Beautiful trenchcoat! I really like it! :love:
  13. Thanks everyone! One funny thing I just remembered, as we were leaving the store I mentioned to my husband, "you'll be glad to know that I am not interested in any Burberry bags," since he knows what a bag addict I am. Heheheh.
  14. It is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!
  15. I always wanted one of those, they are soo chic and classic, yes you have to get get the matching scarf. I seen that look in a couple of movies and I went nuts:nuts: It looks so beautiful in the fall. Congrats.