My First Burberry Trench coat! *pics*

  1. Picked this up on Saturday at Burberry! I've been eyeing it for months...
    It's way more than I've ever spent on clothes, but I figured it'll be worth it since it's a classic. :love:

  2. I LOVE IT!!!
    I love all the burburry coats.. they look so cute with heels too!
    I have black mid thigh coat and i wear it with black stocking and knee boots(because its snowy where i live!) and it looks so cute!

    Good choice!
  3. Looks so classy! I hope that one day I will own one too!
  4. That's gorgeous! Burberry has the best cut in its trenches... I'm on the lookout for my "first" too. Congrats!
  5. So classy!!! You made an excellent choice- congrats
  6. very nice! and great fit. well worth the money!
  7. What a great fit it has on you! Absolutely gorgeous and worth it. It looks so good-- congratulations!
  8. Awesome! I absolutely love it!!
  9. looks great on you! congrats!
  10. Congrats! It really fits you beautifully.
  11. Congratulations it is lovely.
  12. lovely, and it fits you perfectly! it will last for ages
  13. congrats!!! one can never go wrong when buying a burberry trench because they never go out of style...