My First Burberry Purchases!

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  1. I finally got myself some Burberry - my sister gave me a pair of of burberry sandals last year but that doesn't count. They were uncomfortable so I gave them away. Anyways, I couldn't pass up this Tote at the Nordie's Anniversary Sale. It's really cute in the red patent trim. I purchased the Hemingway Trench coat in taupe pink and after a couple of weeks of waiting for it after alterations - I was sooo glad to bring it home! I got it at the designer presale from $1295 to a little under $500 which I thought was an awesome deal. This is a size 6 which was a little large but the tailor was great in taking it in and the trench fits so well now.


    Without the belt - I love the shape of this coat!

    With the belt!
  2. Hey congrats! i just presold that same tote but won't get it til Sat. You definitely got me psyched to get mine! I like that coat too!
  3. LOVE the shape of that tote!
  4. Thanks Sharbait and love2shop! I already started carrying the tote! Btw they were already sold out at my local Nordies...
  5. I was told by the SA who showed me the tote that they only had a handful left. They were selling out fast. I'm actually glad I was able to presell eventho I'm not a cardholder.
  6. I pre saled the same tote...called today and it will be mailed tomorrow...thanks to you (ghstdreamer) I'm getting my first tote also....thanks again and the coat looks great.
  7. very cute tote and nice trench!
  8. love them both!
  9. Thanks bextasy, hollyyih and sndc99!!!

    love2shop: When I was picking up my tote, there were a couple of women at the counter asking the SA to do a transfer of these totes from another nordstrom.
  10. Both very cute purchases! One of these days I am going to buy a B trench, they are so classic and pretty. You did great on the price!

    I want to know if you don't mind sharing, how much damage was the tote?
  11. Beenie, the tote is on sale for $349.90, reg price I think is $550

    Ghst, the SA told me they could call other stores if they didn't have anymore in stock. I read in the D/S board tho that some SAs won't presell to a non-Nordy's card holder.
  12. ^^ thanks. I like the price! I think I would be tempted but I am going to the outlet on Sunday and I am hoping to find something there. Even if it isn't a bag.
  13. Thanks Beenie!!! It is a great deal but you'll probably find something equally nice at the outlet. After getting my first burberry trench, I feel the need to get more...hopefully it's not a start of an addiction...

    love2shop: I'm a level 2 but no SA asked me if I was a cardholder. I just go up and tell them I would like to look at the presale stuff and they didn't turn me away but then again, I don't they turned anyone away because I think the Nordie's I go haven't done that well in sales so far this year - one of the shoe dept SA was telling me that they had to stop ordering a lot of brands and styles.
  14. Lovely Burberry purchases! I love Burberry and own quite a few things and don't have time to take pics of them all just a few faves. haha
  15. Congrats! love the bag!