My first Burberry purchase!

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  1. Burberry sandals.jpg

    Just bought these last weekend. What do you think?
  2. Cute!!!!!

  3. Very cute!
  4. I think they are great, are they fairly comfortable? And what kind of doggie is that in your avitar?
  5. Opps I mean avatar..
  6. hey! nice shoes=)
    i have the same in white from the burberry outlet.
    i love it=)
  7. Adorable for summer, and they look really comfy too! :smile:
  8. Cute. I really like them.
  9. Cute! I love Burberry's Plaid!
  10. Pretty!
  11. Very very cute. Are they comfortable?
  12. I like them.
  13. They have wooden platforms so when I wouldn't say they are the most comfortable shoes but I have no problem walking in them plus at least they are flat instead of heels.
    Irishgal: The dog in my avatar is my little puppy and he's a dachshund mix :smile:
  14. Cute!
  15. Those Are Super Cute! Enjoy!
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