My first Burberry is on the way!

  1. I can't believe I got this today off the Burberry site - I loved these last summer when I saw them in the stores, the totes and wallets were in the sale section yesterday and the backpack was still there today while I was browsing these popped up and I grabbed the one in white! Right after I picked it, the white option dissappeared, I'm guessing they must have been real limited -- now I've got my first Burberry bag for the summer :smile: I remember feeling the leather on these and it was really nice, can't believe it was at $299 plus ship and tax -- still a great price! Cognac was still available as I type.

    Have a great New Year's Eve tomorrow everyone :smile:
  2. Congratulations.
  3. ooooh stylish
  4. Nice - I love the color! Please post pics when she arrives and congrats!
  5. Hehe thanks .. I was out of sync though... yesterday they had the wallets up and I was looking at them, and almost bought one, but they are gone today if I knew I'd get this bag today, but it wasn't up yesterday .... bah .. hehe well I called them up but no joy. I'm sure I'll find some nice accessories for it. I will post a pic when it arrives. It will look like that one but in white .. once I bought it the link to the white one dissapeared, guess I got the last white one.
  6. It just arrived !! I am so pleased with this bag, and will be open to any suggestions for a wallet accessory -- the leather is yummy! I am going on a cruise later this month and I think I will take it, just to have an excuse to break it in :smile: even if its just to walk around on the Promenade deck with it LOLOLOL .. anyway here's a picture :smile: I'm full of smiles today, nothing like a pretty new purse to do that! Thank you for taking a look at my first Burberry !

  7. Lovely.
  8. That sure is an amazing price!!! Congrats- just lovely!
  9. This is wonderful! :heart:

    I have never seen one this colour here. What's the dimension of your bag? My hubby bought the one in brown for me a few months ago. Mine is about 13 - 14 inches in length.
  10. Here are the details on it including the measurements :

    leather sling handbag with check trim and adjustable shoulder strap.
    double compartment.
    snap and button closure.
    brass hardware.
    inside zip pocket.
    canvas lining has interior pockets for cell phone and blackberry.
    14" x 8" x 3".
    made in italy.
    white, black or cognac.
    style # 31703041.
  11. Congrats, enjoy!! Nice choice!!
  12. gorgeous choice! congrats!!
  13. That's a great bag. Congrats!!