My first Burberry bag

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    I was in Holt Renfrew today because I wanted an LV luggage tag for my bag. What I didn't know was that they had a big sale, including Burberry leather goods. Here is what I brought back home for a really good price.

  2. Beautiful. May I ask how much the discount was?
  3. Thanks! It was $1,600 and I got it for $900. Not too bad in my opinion.
  4. Really awesome deal! Beautiful!
  5. great bag.
  6. Love the bag and lucky you got a great deal enjoy:yahoo::biggrin:
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    hi guus, can u authenticate this burberry for me.please, bought it at eBay and already paid for it although its wasnt dispatched to me yet, cant have peace of mind if its authentix ornot. please help!
    Screenshot_2013-06-02-08-16-04-129459.jpg Screenshot_2013-06-02-08-15-47-925713748.jpg Screenshot_2013-06-02-08-15-36-984220201.jpg Screenshot_2013-06-02-08-24-45-129459.png Screenshot_2013-06-02-08-22-31-925713748.jpg
  8. It's gorgeous
  9. Great deal it was! :woohoo: And the bag itself is fantastic, such a nice color
  10. Really nice and a great sale price too, :yahoo::yahoo:
  11. I got the same one in brown
  12. Congrats! Its pretty and I saw this bag and Bangkok Survanabhumi International Airport and i was very enticed by it but I restrained myself because I got a Givenchy bag but now i m regretting it. Sorry for my rant but congrats and its very pretty!
  13. Very beautifull
  14. Love the color!
  15. That is beautiful! Well done!