My first Burberry bag- is this a normal?

  1. Hi there! Well after searching for over a month for a medium tote with enough of a strap drop to let me carry it on my shoulder, I finally found the perfect one! I bought this bag just yesterday at Nordstrom. It's my first Burberry, and I'm pretty impressed with the construction and I've always loved the classic plaid!

    However, can you see that the plaid design is not perfecty centered and alligned? The inner "diamond" is off and the plaid doesn't perfectly meet at the side seams either. I'm not wondering about authenticity here because of where I bought it, but is this normal for Burberry to not align the plaid design perfectly? Are they all like that? or should I return it? It's definitely one of the least expensive in their line ($475, so maybe that's the way its supposed to be?). Also if anyone knows if this bag has a name, please let me know, I didn't even ask!


  2. Thanks so much, and for the link too. It really is the perfect bag for my needs right now, with a 3 year-old in tow everywhere I go, I need the room and two free hands! Now, I will have to check into the rest of their line and see what other bags they make. I also like the plaid with the horses on it? I really have to do some homework, search this forum and get the names right, but I'm already a fan!
  3. I have a larger tote. The plaid doesn't meet at the side seams either. (I also looked at 5 of them in the store!) Disappointing!
  4. congrats! i have the same bag as you... the plaid isn't centered, and the 2 sides aren't aligned. i think it must be because the bags are massed produced.

  5. i had the same one. bought it from their main website. be aware of what u wear w/ it. i had a brand new black shirt on when i toted it once. the black dye transferred to my bag! it looked awful and it wouldn't come off. so, i had to send it back. thank God they were able to refund my money back to my credit card. not looking to purchase anymore of their PVC bags. also, mine was made in China. yes, they have a factory in China.
    good luck w/ the bag!!!!
  6. Congratulations.
  7. I must admit, the China thing is bothering me about this bag. I love the proportions, I haven't used it yet though its so tempting!

    However, I've been looking through the Burberry website and I found another great design called the "Regent"? It seems to have the same proportions and the horses on it that I like. Does anyone have this bag, and does anyone know where that one is made?

    Thanks for all the amazing help and insight!
  8. I just bought this same bag from Nordies as well. my seams don't match up either. It's my first burberry...and I LOOOVE it. It's just so roomy & classy. :biggrin:
  9. I've got a Regent. Mine's made in Italy but I don't know if any of their new Regents are made in China. I have a couple of Burberrys made in China and they're holding up pretty well, so I've got no complaints so far. I have a similar one to yours that's made in China but it's an open top. I've got a kid too and it's easier to toss things in/grab things out for me with the open tote. And this one's getting used daily. I sprayed mine with Scotchguard though. Not sure if that's what's keeping it from getting color transferred on it, but it still looks new. :smile:

    I think the lines don't align on these styles because it's cut diagonally. Well, that's the conclusion the salesgirl at Burberry and I came up with when looking at these ones. ;)

    BTW, you've got a gorgeous bag.
  10. Congrats!
  11. Thanks so much! Yeah, I just realized that the plaid is on a diagonal, that's the visual that was bothering me. I decided to keep it and I used it today and I really loved it, so much easier than a handbag right now! Also, the scotchgard idea sounds great, I may try it because I am positive I will get it dirty, its unavoidable.
  12. congrats
  13. Congratulations!!! I remember how it feels to have your very first Burberry. Mine was a surprise from my husband! I have a little one too and I used it from the day he was born ( as an alternate to diaperbag) until now that he's two. It was a Novacheck Large shoulder tote
    ....... ENJOY YOURS!!!
  14. soo cute..congrats :smile: