My First Burberry Bag and First tPF Reveal!

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  1. I posted these photos in the general handbag forum to get opinions on whether to keep or return. I have since decided to keep, and thought it would be fun to do my first ever official tPF reveal here!

    I have been a fan of Burberry coats and trenches since I was a teen, got 2 trenches in 2006 for job interviews which I have worn faithfully ever since. I never really paid attention to their bags until wandering into the store on Mon this wk with DH while playing hooky from work on Mon. This bag caught my eye and he was kind (and impulsive) enough to buy it for me!

    Hope you enjoy the photos!

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  2. Continued

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  3. Happy Spring Everyone!!!
  4. So pretty in pink. How do you find the strap? Congrats it is just so pretty.
  5. So beautiful. Congrats on you new bag.
  6. Thanks vinbenphon1, the strap seems pretty thin, I'm thinking this bag may work better as a clutch, or at the very least folded over when in crossbody mode. It doesn't look so good when fully vertical as a crossbody. I will let you know once I have actually used and put it to the test though.
  7. Thanks Austen1813 :smile:
  8. Pretty
  9. Pretty, Congrats!!
  10. Thank you Bella601 and DRJones616!
  11. Oh what a beautiful, girly bag. Enjoy!
  12. Gorgeous!
  13. Thanks Buckeyemommy and Msgee19 :smile:
  14. It is beautiful. I would love to hear a review if you do use it with a strap. I'm thinking about getting the white one, but a clutch would drive me nuts.
  15. Like the color a lot.