my first Bulga...

  1. I've been craving a navy colored bag, and you can't beat Bulga's soft leather.

    It's the crescent bag with front zip pocket.

    Ack!!! Why aren't my pics showing as thumbnails??
    Bulga 1.jpg Bulga 2.jpg Bulga 3.jpg Bulga 4.jpg
  2. Cute bag! :balloon:
  3. very cuute! love the color! :yes:
  4. Beautiful color! I love Bulga's soft leather!
  5. Very nice. I love the Navy color. I've been eyeing this Bulga in Foam:
  6. I have this bag in chocolate and I adore it...I love Bulga's leather too.

    On the thumbnails..I think Vlad posted a note a couple days ago that he disabled the thumbnail function to help on server space.
  7. I love the crescent bags!! gorgeous lining
  8. I love that style that Jess Simpson made famous
  9. I love my Bulga--your navy is a great color!!
  10. I love it. The navy color is stunning. Congrats on your purchase