My first Bulga. OMG the leather.

  1. I just got my first Bulga. I love the leather. I am kinda worried about using it. First it is such a soft leather and is it going to stain and or worst tear or scratch. What are others putting on your Bulga? And how are they wearing?
  2. I protect mine with Wilson's leather spray. But I haven't had mine long (I recently ordered both the medium studded tote and the frame flap bag), so I cannot tell you how well they wear. I adore mine. The leather is luxuriously soft and they smell so good!
  3. I just received my first Bulga bag also. I was lucky enough to score the Pudding Large Flap Tote in Amore. I have never had a bag with leather like this and it isn't my most expensive bag. It shows the tiniest scratches but they seem to "wear off" quickly. I only carried it for a few days because it seems to need some kind of leather protectant and I haven't had time to go out and buy any. Congrats on your purchase! I think I'll be buying more from this brand/designer.
  4. congrats on your new bag!!!
  5. i've heard that lovinmybags cleaner/moisturizer is good for bulga's leather. i just ordered a set from that company for a pudding flap i just bought and am too afraid to use. I'm waiting for it to come so I can polish up my bulga. i'll let you know how it turns out...

    (i'm not affiliated to lovinmybags company.)
  6. Congrats!! I just got my first Bulga too and I loooove the leather. I'm not gentle with my purses, nor do I use any type of protectant, but it's been a week and there aren't any scratches or anything on mine! (It's dark brown though, so maybe it's hard to tell?) You'll love your purse!!
  7. I have 3 Bulgas - 2 of which haven't even stepped outside my house yet, but my Pudding flap tote have a few times, and it's holding up well w/ no spray or lotion. I really should pick some up though.
  8. Congratulations, bag sounds wonderful, any pics?:smile:
  9. What about using Appleguard? I've heard this is a good brand too. I've used it on my Kooba Sienna. It's also the only one I currently have in my house. :graucho:

    I'm still waiting anxiously for my Bulga to get here!
  10. I have two-and never sprayed them-one dark teal and one light turquoise. No issues with scratches or stains...just a love for the beautiful leather-yummy!:yes:
  11. congrats on your new bag!!!
  12. i have a cocoa colored medium studded bulga and i have never sprayed it with anything and there are no stains nor scratches. it is soo soft, but still never scratches and i love it. i could see how lighter colors might scratch or stain more easily, though.
  13. Congrats on your new Bulga. I got myself an Oyster colored one last summer (an Ivory shade) and the wear did start to show up pretty quickly - esp on the backside where the bag rubbed up against me as I carried it. For that reason, I don't carry it that often - I just pull it out every so often & use it a couple of time then put away & use it later.

    I bought my daughter a Sage Green bag when they first came out (the spring that Jessica Simpson made the bags so popular) - While her bag shows more dirt (she is a teenager after all, and doesn't really treat her bags!) than mine does, the leather doesn't seem to show much wear. In fact, her bag has gotten a little bit of shine to it and isn't as "dull" or "raw" as it was when I first purchased it. Does anyone else find this to be true of older Bulga bags? I just wonder if I should expect my Oyster bag to do the same or if the leather is a little different than what was first used.
  14. Here's my Pudding Tote in Deep Rose:
    tpf bulga pic 2.JPG
  15. Welcome to the Bulga club! I have never treated my bag and it's held up very well in the Seattle rainy weather. It is a dark color though.