My First BROOCH EVER!!!!!!!

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  1. My SA called me and said she got the brooch in
    and I was soooo happy!!! :biggrin:
    I've never worn any brooches before nor do I even own any!! :|
    so this would be my first ever brooch!!!

    so since I've never worn a brooch before i am soo lost here lol
    and then i either went too crazy.. or became too creative :biggrin:!!!

    :heart::heart::heart: :yahoo:

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  2. SOOOO cute! Love it! :tup:
  3. Nice. I got the Green one. Doesn't it remind you something like fridge magnets. I realised it after staring at it a while :smile:
  4. that looks amazing with your heart purse!
  5. Congrats ... it is cute:tup:
  6. congrats! go nuts and wear it with aplomb :tup: im thinking of getting the green one for myself :yes:
  7. Oh!! its cute. love it so much is the brooch?
  8. $380 + 12% Tax here in Vancouver! :biggrin:

  9. AMAZING!!! Congrats!!!
  10. I love the first pic, gorgeous combination!
  11. Cute! Congrats!
  12. I love your brooch, what a great colour.

    Did you see any of the rose pieces in Vancouver when you picked up your brooch?
  13. o ya* they've got them at holts & hotel van
    they just got the flats in today at hotel too FYI :smile:

  14. I LVOE it, so funky! Congrats!
  15. the brooch is kewl but i cant help but notice your hair/hairstyle...hehehee....perfect and healthy and a style to show it all off....