My first brand new H--a bolide!! Pics!

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  1. Today I erceived my first brand new H bag!
    About three weeks ago I had visited the Hawaii store on vacation. After much talking and browsing, I put in a podium order for a 37cm fjord bolide in ebene. The SA had scoured the inventory in all stores and couldn't find anything even close.

    Then, on Monday I get the call. She found a 37cm bolide in marron fonce--not exactly what I wanted, but close. I hadn't seen either color in real life so I decided to take a chance and buy it.

    She arrived today, and is exactly what I hoped for!! A deep rich, luscious color, not exactly a brown--something more spectacular. It's a wonderful neutral that can go with brown or black.

    Other thoughts...

    Fjord was surprisingly NOT heavy to me. I was worried that it would be, but needed something very durable and I wanted a stiffer leather.

    I've also included a pic of my bolide with my chocolate togo dogon wallet for color comparison (ignore the fingerprints on the wallet--time to giver her a gentle cleaning!).

    Please welcome another bolide to the tpf family!
  2. WOO HOO!!!

    A bolide form hawaii!! Congratulations!
    marron fonce fjord is beautiful!!
    I do not see the pictures though...
  3. Forgot the pics!

    Attached Files:

  4. [​IMG]

    OMG, that's gorgeous, and just the perfect size for you. I absolutely love the color. A very big congrats!!
  5. ck21--Another gorgeous Bolide on TPF.
  6. Yeah!! Another bolide gal -- enjoy and congrats!! It's beautiful - as they all are IMO!!!
  7. ^^So PRETTY!! Congratulations!! :yahoo:

    The Fjord is surprisingly light. Saw one just like yours in Rouge H.

    What a great choice, and glad you decided to KEEP IT!!

  8. Lovely!
  9. How wonderful!!

  10. Congratulations ck! Glad you decided to go for it. Marron Fonce is absolutely gorgeous. And in Fjord! Fjord is perfect for the Bolide!
  11. It's raining Bolides!!!!

    Love the color. So Rich and Sumptuous!!

    Great Choice and It's definitely a "Classic".

    Enjoy!! :yahoo::okay::tup::wlae:
  12. Hooray, another Bolidette!

    You are absolutely right about the color, it looks great with chocolate and will be stunning with black. What a fabulous souvenir of your trip!
  13. Enjoy that beautiful new bag...wear it in good health.
  14. ck21, Congratulations on the beautiful bolide!! It looks fabulous on you, and the color looks like a great, versatile neutral! I am such a bolide fan!
  15. Love it!!:tup: That beautiful Fjord just leaves me weak.