My first Boutique Experiene and Bought New Bag

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  1. In ala moana today, wow! What a place! And the Louis Vuitton people were soo cool! I have so committed to LV, that I just could not do something small, it had to be substantial, and I didn't even like the bag at all until I saw it in real life.... I also thought all dentelle was gone...

    So, I got the silver dentelle Bagnitolles Horizontal. And, I do love it. I will use this as the perfect day bag for years, and I already have the pochette wallet that matches... now, I need to go post in Hermes, Gucci and Toki, I've been really really bad. The LV dentelle is really really good! :yahoo: its a keep forever kind bag:roflmfao:
  2. Veronika, I had no idea you were here on Oahu! I would have loved to come shopping with you. There are several of us Hawaii TPFers. We amazingly do have some Dentelle left here. Congrats on a terrific purchase.
  3. Congrats!

  4. Thanks Sweetie! I will come again, ya can't keep me away, just flew in and out, back to Kauai... and my plane had mechanical malfunctions, so it took a little while, i also had the flu or something, but I toughed it out to hit LV, Hermes, Gucci and Chrisian it was tough!

    I'm coming again in March for whale watching time, maybe we could do some early spring shopping! I'd love to see you face to face disney4 us! Thanks for thinking of me, I love dentelle and never thought I'd get my hands on a bag, and ended up loving her betteer than the speedy. Saw the pleaty though, and she is next on the list... that's a great little pleaty, white mc noe has been getting the workout of her life!!!:roflmfao::yes:
  5. We'll definitely get together in March. Wow, sorry to hear about your plane and the flu. Yikes! At least you were able to get back to Kauai okay and hopefully your flu is almost gone. The weather has been a little muggy but I'm sure the shopping helped take your mind off any sickness, lol. Congrats again on the Dentelle.
  6. lol, Congrats Vee! Glad you had a wonderful experience! And yeah, you gotta see Dentelle IRL close up to fully appreciate it!

    Sorry to hear you had travelling troubles! Hope you have smoother trips in future :smile:
  7. Oh yes, I'm safe and snug in my little B&B and I'm done with all the boy nonsense... the only man in my life right now is Louis and friends Hermes and Gucci. The rest are at least one or two rungs down. Talking to ya'll is making my cold feel better nuthin like girl friends and purses to stoke the chi!
  8. congrats and enjoy!!
  9. Congrats!
  10. yes it is a lovely bag! congrats!
  11. Congrats!
  12. Congrats! Nice to see other island people on here. You should come to the next meet!
  13. :yahoo: I love the dentelle BH!! CONGRATS!!! now what else did you buy, silly?? :roflmfao: :graucho:
  14. congrats vee!:yahoo: lovely purchase! :love:hope you are feeling better....:yes:
  15. Congratulations.
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