My First Boutique Experience...

  1. :cursing: ...

    So on my lunch break I decided I would go down to the LV Boutique at Copley and check out the Azur. I walk in and its beautiful :love: ANyway I am approached by the SA and she says the whole brand new damier ..blah blah blah. She says if you woul like one you'll need to get on the waiting list and I said I already am. So she asked how long ago i added my name and went in back to check. She comes out with the 30 and i try it on but wanted to see the 25 so i handed her the bag and said hold on i'll BRB. 25 is small IMO so I walked up to her and said "ok I'll take the 30" and she says "You said you didnt want it and I've just sold it". I said "I never said I didn't want it I said hold on" this took place in the span of 2 minutes. She says I can put you back on the waiting list. I said "i wouldn't give you the commission". THEN, I took out my agenda because i wanted to have it hot stamped and she opens my bag and looks inside to see if it was real:cursing: . I'm assuming because she mistook my purseket for a lining. but WTF! who the hell would walk into an LV store carrying a fake!!! I just grabbed my agenda away from her put it in my bag and left. I will NEVER step foot in that store again.
  2. Sucks ! was a horrible expereince. im soo sorry that happened to you..

    do they get commision though?? they dont in france thats pretty ool they do htere
  3. Ugh, I'm sorry to hear that! You should've asked to speak with the manager...or (what I would do) call 866-Vuitton and tell them what happened.
  4. THAT sucks!! nerve of her to look inside your bag!! that's trespassing private property!!!!

    I wonder if I should put my name down for a pochette when I go to TO next week!??! never dawned on me to do so...what do you guys think?>!
  5. That's horrible, the nerve! I've had crappy experiences at the boutique I normally went to as of late as well and I unfortunately won't be returning to that particular boutique either. I don't know what's up with some of these SAs, but they're total snobs.
  6. Omg that sounds horrible :cursing: I would have been so pissed! I'm so sorry that your first experience was so bad. I cant understand SAs like that. And I just cant believe she really looked inside your bag :cursing:
  7. No. My SA told me that they do not work on commission.

    That is very RUDE of the SA to do that!
  8. That's terrible customer service!!
    You should call the store and speak to the manager as well as call 866 VUITTON and talk to them too.
  9. I am so sorry this happened to you.:sad: It leaves a bad taste in your mouth towards LV.
    I would agree---call 866 and explain what happened and I hope they will be understanding and accomodating.
    I know how excited you were to see/get the Azur Speedy and this must have really got you down.
    Cheer up and hang in there !:flowers:
  10. Wow, some people don't seem to realize what they do for a living. I would have been furious.
  11. I am so angry I dont know if I even want the Speedy anymore. i wanted to rip her snooty little head off
  12. Oh, I am so sorry you had such a bad experience :sad: Def. call and speak to a manager!
  13. ohh crap, what a horrible experience!! dont think that all stores and SA's are like that though! Perhaps try a different store? urgh, I totally think you should report her to the manager.. ridiculous! But dont change your mind about the azur speedy if you do like it because of her!! dont even THINK about her.. sorry again!
  14. Wow, I would definitely make a call to vuitton and complain ... no one should be treated like that.
  15. ITA! That's awful!:sad: