My First Boutique Experience!

  1. I made my long awaited trip to my nearest Coach boutique today...about 45 minutes away from me. I was determined to go, and my friend decided to tag along. I was a little upset when I woke up because it was POURING out but I was like "You know what? I've been waiting for this and damnit, I'm going to get it!"

    So, in I go...and I seriously had to have my friend hold me back. She's not into designer handbags so she doesn't really understand my obsession, but I would have seriously bought everything in sight if I had my credit card with me. I had forgotten it and had to use debit for what I wanted.

    The SA's were SO friendly. A wonderful young woman helped me find exactly what I wanted (Hamptons Watercolor Striped Wristlet), and offered me other suggestions because I was concerned about my cell phone not fitting into it. She gave me the top handle pouch as another alternative..for 25 dollars more it would hold a lot of stuff, but I loved the wristlet, so I caved and just bought it. I usually carry my cell phone in my hand anyway. I picked up the purse spray for my mom as a late birthday/Mother's Day gift and she absolutely loved it. I'd post some pictures but my cell phone wouldn't be able to convey all the cuteness of my wristlet. It's ADORABLE!!

    I can't wait to go back :yes:
  2. Congrats one what I'm sure will be the first of many trips to the boutique! Post photos when you can!
  3. Congratulations and glad you had a GREAT experience !
  4. Lets see some pics! :smile:
  5. Congrats - love that wristlet! It's so pretty and springy! Just FYI, I'm in Havertown, PA and have found the SAs at both the Ardmore and King of Prussia stores to be very nice and helpful. KoP can get a bit mobbed at times though (and Ardmore doesn't have the biggest selection, but they'll order anything for you!).

    Anyway, enjoy the wristlet and I'm sure your mom will love the purse spray (what a good daughter you are)!
  6. Oh yes, I went to the King of Prussia one! We made sure to go very early as to avoid any big crowds. Plus I think there weren't a lot of people since it was pouring out. Driving there was a beast. It was actually my first time at that mall and I think my jaw hit the floor when I walked in. Usually I just go to Granite Run or Concord Mall in Delaware since it's so close but King of Prussia just had me floored. It was amazing.
  7. Congrats on the wristlet! Glad you had a GREAT experience! :yes:
  8. Congrats!

    King of Prussia is one of my most favorite malls :smile:
  9. Did you go to the Coach in the Plaza (by the LV Store) or at the Court by Bloomies?

    I love the one at the Plaza. Chris and Marlene are great SA's.
  10. I went to the one in the Plaza. I can't remember the name of the girl who helped me. I keep thinking Tina but I don't think that's it. She was so sweet and helpful though. Top notch service!
  11. I'm glad to hear you had a wonderful experience =)
    Congrats on your purchase.
  12. Congrats and glad you first experience was wonderful!
  13. It sounds like you had great first experience!
    (I did too last Friday!):yes:
  14. Great first experience! Congrats!
  15. YAY, you made it to the coach store even though it was pouring outside!! yeah, that's something. wasn't it exciting to be in there? it was actually a good thing you didn't have your credit card with you. it just works out for the best that way :smile: well, you could have also had a more memorable experience buying a $400 tote too hehhe, but i'm sure you weren't looking to swing that way.
    can't wait to see your wristlet if you're going to post it.