My First Bottega!

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  1. Hi all, I just ordered my first Bottega after lusting for many years. I ordered the small shoulder bag, since I need something small. The color is Bluette and is truly an incredible color.
    Ordered it from Bergdorfs. It arrived today:P

    Questions- is the zipper supposed to be a bit stiff at first? I had a hard time with it opening and closing smoothly .

    Is there supposed to be any care cards or authenticity cards . It just had the price tag inside.

    Does the leather get much butter after a while?
    My sons girlfriend showed me her older style one and the leather was sooooo smooshy but I'm not sure if it was deerskin. It was small, woven with a flat adjustable handle, not puffy.

    Thanks so much!

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  2. Here are some pics!

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  3. Wow it only let me post one at a time:smile:

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  4. One more!

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  5. Gorgeous! :biggrin:
  6. Thank you! I love this shade of blue!

  7. It's a really beautiful shade! :biggrin: love love love it!
  8. I think it will look great with jeans as well as white pants . It is hard to describe the color....not navy, not turquoise, not robins eggs blue......
  9. Such a beautiful colour, congratulations
  10. Love, love, love this bag! You have chosen a fabulous color, a true blue.
  11. Fabulous! It will get softer as you use it more and more. Enjoy!
  12. Thanks so much ! Perfect color for Spring:smile:
  13. Thank you! I was wondering about that. Nothing more delicious than a squishy, buttery bag:biggrin:
  14. Thank you ! Super excited:P
  15. Thanks! You nailed it...a true blue. I will try to post some outdoor pics soon.