My first Bottega Veneta!

  1. I finally decided to invest in a Bottega Veneta purse after reading about them, and seeing them IRL. The leather is SO incredibly soft!

    I had an SA locate the large black woven hobo. It should be delivered sometime tomorrow - I am SUPER excited!

    Randomly, I happened upon some pictures of Renee Zellweger using the same exact tote this morning:


    I can't wait to get it! :yahoo:
  2. Gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  3. wow! congrats! it's a classy and timeless bag!
  4. Can't wait to see pics--I LOVE BV!
  5. OMG you will LOVE it!!! I tried the exact same on a few weeks ago (large black woven hobo) and the leather is SUPER SUPER soft!!! Such a classic timeless style!

    I haven't plopped own the moula for this bag yet as for the same price I'm trying to hunt down a black balenciaga with silver hardware, but I know definitely some time in my bag future I'll be a proud owner too.

    Congrats on SUCH a great buy!!!
  6. That is a great bag. You will not regret it.
  7. That bag is beautiful :drool:- don't forget to post pics when you get it! I bet you can't wait for tomorrow!
  8. Congrats!! You'll love it! The first pic is the BV ball bag which is a bit different than the hobo. I have this bag so I just recgonized it.
  9. :drool:
    I AM SO wanting one too!

    Is this called a Hobo or is it the Ball?
  10. i don't own one myself... but it's gorgeous! let me know how you like in person.
  11. Gorgeous and classy bag! Congrats SuLi. =)
  12. That's wonderful, SuLi! BV makes beautiful bags.
  13. The one that Renee Z has look to be the hobo and not the ball.
  14. I also think hers is the hobo, which is the one that I ordered. I'll definitely post pictures tomorrow night when I get it.
  15. Ooooooo lovely! Congrats! I've seen it and the leather's scrumptious!