My first Bottega, Old Petra Intrecciato Nappa Umbria Tote

  1. I am so thrilled with my new bag purchase I had to share it. Not only is this bag gorgeous and smooshy, it is brand new and I purchased it from a fellow TPFer on eBay at over 30% off the retail. It was really hard to capture the true color of this bag, the purple/brown tones.
    bottegasmall1.JPG bottegasmall.JPG
  2. Beautiful bag! Congratulations!!:yahoo:
  3. What an awesome color!
  4. That's beautiful. Congrats.
  5. A true work of art!!!
  6. This is the bag that has been on my mind since the last couple of days..... I saw it in the shop but I then thot it was too big for me! Would you care to post pics of you wearing it, would be very keen to see how it looks on you.... If I'm right, this is called the Accordian bag.... Lovely, very very lovely!
  7. Congratulations!
  8. Thanks everyone. Its so nice to get a perfect bag from eBay, it helps restore my faith that there are still deals to be but you have to be extremely careful.

    Bagsforme and misspiggy helped verify authentication which I really appreciated.

    I wish my pictures were better, even hubby noticed that the first time he looked at it, he said it looked purple, then when we took the pictures he said it looked brown. I told him that was perfect--he was now a true Bottega expert, because that is just the way the colors should present themselves!
  9. It is the accordion and honestly I do not think this is a really big bag, but it really would hold alot, so if you don't carry much, the items may get lost it in. Perfect for files or paperwork, if you need them alongside your traditional items.
  10. Gorgeous bag! I love the color, the handles - everything. Congrats on getting such a great deal on a lovely BV!!
  11. Agree with the poster above, what's not to love about this bag?? :yahoo: Amazing style and the color is gorgeous, congrats on getting a super deal!!
  12. Congrats, it really is lovely!! You can even feel the softness from the picture!
  13. congrats!
  14. Awesome!! :yahoo: Congrats on scoring a great deal, on eBay no less!

    LOVE Old Petra in any form, but this bag is beautiful :love:
  15. Congrats, it's beautiful!