my first boston on it's way to me!!!

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  1. This is actually also my first new*fresh*from*the*boutique* Gucci BAG I am getting. I only had a preloved gucci bag before. I had to wait quite a while, but today I got the call my waitlist item finally came through and they're shipping today! :yahoo:

    I can't wait to receive this beauty.
    Its the................ o wait, I ruined the surprise already with my avater... THAT'S RIGHT! IT'S THE VALENTINE BOSTON!!!

    :girlsigh: ain't she pretty?! can't wait to see her IRL...

    I just had to share!
  2. Congrat!
  3. CONGRATS on your new V-day Boston!
  4. Congrats on your new boston!!! The hearts look very cute on the bag!
  5. Congrats on your new boston!
  6. It is so cute.
  7. i love it
  8. Congrats! Pics when it arrives!
  9. Yay, it was already deliverd today!
    PICS are coming!!!..............
  10. [​IMG]

  11. [​IMG]

  12. Congratulations! Let us know how you like using the boston bag. I'm trying to decide between a gucci boston or a LV speedy. So confused!
  13. O I know I'm gonna love it! I have two LV speedies already and love them. I noticed this one is just a bit bigger, somewhere between the 30 en 35 (lengt of this one is 33cm)

    You should go with the design you like best!

    here are comparison pics with one of my speedies:

  14. Thanks alot Roxana! The comparison shot is very helpful I like them both. Maybe I need both?????
  15. I say you do ;)... I did....geh geh